In late October, Dun in Mara ran a one-day revel at Drimnagh Castle. This event attracted a large number of newer members, and those who had not had the opportunity to attend an event before. Some of them were kind enough to write for the Baelfyr about their experience.

From Katie McMahon

The Harvesttide Revel, in Dublin’s Drimnagh Castle, was my first foray into the world of SCA events. If you are reading this newsletter, you have likely (hopefully) had that pleasure many times over. However, please indulge me, and try to remember back before you had your persona, well-worn garb, and long-time friends in the Society.

I hope that from the day you first discovered this new hobby you were fully, and unquestionably embraced by as many welcoming, encouraging, and genuinely kind people as I was in the Discord server when I tentatively reached out and said ‘Hello! I’m new here… where do I start?’

I hope that you felt as inspired as I have over the past few weeks, to pore over research papers and medieval manuscripts, looking for ideas and techniques to help bring your first pieces of garb to life.

I hope that when you crossed the moat to enter the castle, you felt the same awe that I did, of leaving your life behind for a while in exchange for an idealized history where people can express themselves freely and openly (while still wearing sensible water-proof shoes and digital watches).

I hope that everyone you met that day shared their knowledge and passions with you. I hope you feasted, enjoyed live music, and were given a rose at an armoured combat tournament. Because, mostly, I hope that you, like me, left your first event knowing that another would be just around the corner, and you would soon be slipping back into your garb and seeing your new friends again.

From Nadja

Harvesttide Revel was my first event and I had a great time! Everyone was really helpful ahead of the event when I was trying to get an attempt at garb together and figure out what to expect and what I should bring. When I got there everyone was really friendly and eager to explain what was going on. The tournament at the beginning was really fun to watch, and it did help that Aodhan who was the marshal explained the rules and what was happening as they went.

I had a lot of great conversations, got to talk to people about the crafts they were doing and the garb they were wearing - which was very impressive! - and there were so many fun things to watch and try. We even had a group of minstrels perform live music at lunch which was really lovely! My favourite thing to try was the dancing, many thanks to our excellent instructor Anneleyn.

Thanks again for putting on such a great event and making me feel welcome as a new person!

The courtyard at Drimnagh Castle
Photo by Sabrina