Unto the populace of Insulae Draconis do Euphrosyne & Ranulf send peace and warm greetings.

We had a fantastic time at Yule Ball in the Shire of Flintheath, where we both had the chance to learn new skills in the arts and sciences. Her Highness especially enjoyed the opportunity to use a miniature flamethrower in the process of learning to make glass beads!

January, usually a month with few events here in the Isles, is a great time to think about the care and maintenance of your medieval clothing, armour and ongoing projects. Therefore, we celebrate the Barony of Eplaheimr and the Shire of Depedene under Wychwood and their shared Collegium Armourum, where metal and leather workers gather to share the art of armouring. For those of us who can’t attend, we can still at least replace the old duct tape patches with new ones.

In accordance with Principality law, the final date to submit a letter of intent for Coronet Tournament is January 11th. This is a short extension from the previous cutoff, which was set before We knew the dates of Coronet, with the intent of ensuring that no one submitted their letter too late. Thank you to Our Webminister, Lady Marcella di Cavallino, for developing the very convenient Google form for submissions, to which a link is found below!

In faith and trust,
Ranulf & Euphrosyne
Prince & Princess of Insulae Draconis

  • Huzzah for Yule Ball, and for the Arts and Sciences that beautify the Society!
  • This is a great time to learn new things and do maintenance on equipment.
  • Submit Letters of Intent for Coronet Tournament here: https://insulaedraconis.org/coronet/coronet-tourney/
  • The cutoff to submit your Letter of Intent is January 11, 2023.
  • Each pair entering Coronet Tournament must submit a modest A&S project.