Dragon Recovery, the cover of the May 2021 Baelfyr

Greetings, friends!

I’d like to congratulate our TWO contributors who won William Blackfox awards this year: Richard of Salesberie for his May 2021 cover (reproduced here) and Rebecca of Flintheath for her series Sir Gawain’s Green Belt (which begins at https://flintheath-as.dreamwidth.org/2570.html).

That a Principality newsletter like the Baelfyr has not one but two winners in a society wide competition is testament to the quality of all our contributions, not to mention the work of my predecessor, under whose tenure both winners were published.

An admin matter: please note that both events and branch contacts in the Baelfyr are now drawn automatically from the Kingdom calendar and regnum at the end of the month. Directions on how to update these can be found at the beginning of the relevant sections.

Happy new year,