* For everyone, not just apprentices

A few years ago, at an event in An Tir, I picked up a little pamphlet produced by an apprentice (Portzia di Corbino Rosso from the Principality of Tir Righ) of things one could do to challenge themselves in the Arts and Sciences arena—not just to get and keep momentum going, but to push their own boundaries and support the creative arts in their area. It’s a good list and, if you’re like me, checking things off lists is very satisfying.

So, after making some adjustments to add a section on research (because it’s my jam), and to make it less Kingdom-specific, I offer it up to all of you as a potential framework off which you can hang your 2023 craft goals. Do as many or as few as you like!

(Note: This challenge may come with side effects, up to and including an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Always check with your Peer before embarking on any new regimen.)

2023 Arts & Sciences Challenge

Project Completion

  • Completed a project that’s been in the UFO pile for years.
  • Completed a project that’s been on the “ooh, one day I’ll make/perform THAT” list for years.
  • Completed a project that is your most historically accurate thing to date.
  • Made/performed something new, that you’ve never tackled before.
  • Made/performed something using largely period techniques and materials.
  • Finished something COMPLETELY - no corners cut, no slap-dash substitutions. Something you’re PROUD of.
  • Defeated a Monster - conquered a thing you’ve been terrified to tackle: a new discipline, a new medium, a new style.
  • Something you’ve been terrified to do, but you DID it.

Display or Performance

  • Performed in court
  • Performed at a feast
  • Performed at an event
  • Displayed art for ambiance at an event
  • Displayed a project as a showcase of skill/talent

Research & Documentation

  • Researched a new area of interest
  • Actually did the research before making or doing a new thing
  • Documented your item, piece, or process relative to the period version
  • Published your findings on a personal blog or website
  • Published your findings on a local, Principality or Kingdom blog, website, or newsletter
  • Published your findings as a Tournaments Illuminated article
  • Published your findings as a Compleat Anachronist

Competition and Feedback

  • Entered a branch competition
  • Entered a Baronial competition
  • Entered a Principality championship level competition
  • Entered a Kingdom championship level competition
  • Presented a display or performed for feedback

Further Learning

  • Attended Kingdom University
  • Took a class/workshop outside of an event to further your learning
  • Learned a new skill
  • Became proficient at a new skill set/discipline
  • Attended a Principality/Kingdom Arts & Sciences event (competition or education)


  • Donated an item, or a collection of items for Largesse
  • Worked as part of a team on Regalia
  • Donated garb or accessories for Royals
  • Made garb or accessories for other SCA folk
  • Donated prizes for a tournament or competition

Community Support & Promotion

  • Taught a class
  • Created a new class, and taught it
  • Hosted/facilitated a workshop
  • Facilitated a regular, public A&S or Bardic night
  • Arranged a largesse competition or donation
  • Arranged a display, with a feedback or populace choice component
  • Organised a competition and coordinated judges
  • Helped coordinate classes for an event
  • Helped arrange A&S and/or Bardic for a demo

Administrative A&S

  • Held an A&S- or Bardic-related office
  • Held an A&S- or Bardic-related retinue position
  • Volunteered as a judge or student judge for an A&S/Bardic competition