Hi all!

I trust everyone is starting to enjoy the lengthening daylight as we emerge out of January’s fug.

I hear Collegium Armorum went well, this is showing off the potential for multi-site eventing as ID continues to innovate in new ways how we can reach out to our membership without pressuring us into travel and costs.

Also on that theme, I attended (and taught, twice) at the Second (Breakfast?) Drachenwald Kingdom University Online, and what a success that was! So much knowledge was released by a range of teachers on topics as varied as the Cantabriges Mexicanes, rethinking the Battle of Agincourt to the history of Baklava in the Ottoman period amongst others. That last one inspired me to raid the shop for a slab of syrupy, nutty pastry goodness. Well done to the event staff!

February Coronet is due soon, and we have an excellent field of combatants seeking to ascend to the Dragon Isles Throne. I look forward to the pageantry and spectacle, as well as the promise of good food.

Fundraising Deputy – found!

Many thanks to Kytte of the Lake for stepping up to volunteer in this critical role. The Principality Finances are in a fragile state, not least because of a massive loss-making event last year, but also because the opportunities for fundraising have also reduced due to a reduction in Principality events and the ongoing cost of living crisis. Kytte will be supporting the Council of the Purse – our finance committee – in addressing these issues and we are looking forward to working with her on this.

New Exchequer

It is with many heartfelt thanks that we bid goodbye to Viscountess Valda as Exchequer, off for a well-earned rest from the role and also from organising back to back major events recently. Happy fighting! Mistress Mary verch Thomas is stepping up to the role, and I am looking forward to her sage advice and experience in all matters financial.

New Finance Policy imminent

After many years, the finance policy is being updated to reflect current practices and clean up some of the customs and practices that have built up informally since the last version. We hope this will provide certainty and support to branch exchequers, make life easier for event stewards for payments and reservations, as well as define policies in regard to the various “funds” and “pots” established, which are in reality another budget line on the same bank account. The full document ought to be available in the Baelfyr in the next month or two.

November Coronet

Hot news – I have literally this moment received a bid for Coronet in November from Eplaheimr, many thanks, I look forward to working with you to facilitate this great event proposal.

Get Your Events Into the Kingdom Calendar!

I am all for long-term planning of events, we need to be thinking about 2024 dates now. The SCA tends to have a shorter planning cycle than other organisations, and especially if you are wanting a venue that also caters for weddings, we need to be booking sites now. Additionally, quite a few of our members, especially those in retail and catering, face stiff competition for prime holiday bookings at work – so please help your friends and colleagues on this and start thinking about 2024 (and maybe 2025?) now.

Baelfyr and the ID calendar derive their event announcements from that source. It also helps to avoid event clashes.


I am aiming to have quarterly online zoom sessions where members can ask me about SCA stuff and what the thinking is behind these various missives. The next one will be 7pm Tuesday 21 st February – zoom links on Facebook and Discord nearer the date – if you have neither, please email me – seneschal@insulaedraconis.org

Domesday Report

Many thanks again to our illustrious seneschals for tackling the reporting process. We have a total of 205 CIC members and 4 SCA Inc members across the Isles. I apologies but I have not processed the summary of the report yet, but will publish online this month, and in Baelfyr for March. There’s a lot of structural stuff that needs tackling, unfinished governance work mainly, as well as instituting various policies to help keep our volunteers supported in their work. We may be a game, but a lot of our activities involve legal responsibilities that we need to abide by and feel protected by as we practice, play and organise.

What else is coming up?

2023 is seeing a burgeoning event calendar, which I am looking forward to attending, so please to check the calendar, there ought to be something for everyone according to their means and available time.

There is an event support package being built, this consists of tools, advice, advisors, policies and checklists – all to help make it easier and less stress in running an event.

The SCA is a membership organisation that lives and dies by the number of people involved, with that in mind, I will be seeking ideas for bringing in – and most importantly, retaining – new members. The Principality and its officers are standing by, ready to support you with training, materials and other support needs.

There will be a Big Summer Event again this year, hopefully in less blisteringly-hot conditions, but you never know with the way the UK climate is changing these days – anyone willing to write up a Hot Weather Survival Guide?

Dates to be announced, as the team is still being assembled.