Saluti Tutti!

This year has begun with me completing some organisational changes to the Insulae Draconis website to make it more accessible and easier to navigate, as well as putting the information you’ve asked for right up front.

These updates will be somewhat ongoing, but recent changes include:

  • Reworking the Home screen to add Upcoming Events and to reduce the volume of content
  • Adding a Quick Links link to the top navigation menu that can take you directly to:
    • ID Book of Ceremonies
    • Officer change online form
    • Award recommendations
  • Adding a Newcomers link to the top navigation to consolidate that information more efficiently and make it a clear one-stop-shop for people just getting started
  • Removing some drop-down menus from the top navigation links to improve accessibility and consolidate information more efficiently
  • Restructuring the Library to improve organisation and findability of some information that was otherwise hidden or difficult to locate, most importantly several of our governing documents

Upcoming tasks include reviewing all of the language to make sure it’s inclusive and in line with our code of conduct, as well as developing a content collection aimed at Event Stewards. And some other stuff, as yet to be determined.

I would also like to note that my tenure as Webminister will draw to a close this Summer, and am therefore looking for a deputy to step into this role. If this seems interesting to you, please get in touch and I will happily discuss - at great length - what a wonderful and enriching experience it is!

As always, please drop me a note at if you have questions, find errors, discover broken links, or would like to contribute!

Al servizio rimango,

Webminister, Insulae Draconis