Eularia and Alexandre, Princess and Prince of Insulae Draconis, unto all those who may read these words, greetings!

We were most pleased with the outcome of the most recent Coronet tournament (obviously), and with to thank once again all those contributed to the success of the event, notably the Steward Duchess Isabel, the head cook Duke Vitus, the Marshal-in-Charge Count Avery, and all the combatants and their consorts. It is a day which will live in song and story. (At least one filk is underway, and stories of the Green Comet have already begun circulating.)

We have noted that, on the map prepared by the noted cartographer, Yannick of Normandy, the sea which lies between the island on which we make our home and the one directly to the west has no name. We shall henceforth refer to it as Mare Draconis, the Dragon Sea. This may become important later.

It was our Royal will to name Lord Mícheál Breathnach our Armoured Champion and welcome him into the Royal household. We have likewise named two Chamberlains: Lord Aodhan dha Cheist for the lands on the western side of Mare Draconis, and Lord Meliton, for the large island which lies for the most part to the east of that sea. (See how convenient it is to have that name in place?)

It is our belief that just rulers should have no fear of Their subjects. Thus we do not intend to have a formal guard, rather We shall request escorts, who will accompany Us into court bearing Our spears, not from fear of Our populace, but simply because such things are suitable to the dignity of Princes. Lord Roland and Nicholas of Flintheath served Us well as escorts at Our court at Coronet, and We shall be seeking others to fulfil that office at Our future courts.

Her Highness would like to express Her commitment to accessibility and accommodation for all the populace, suffering as She does with a health issue that can impact her ability to fully participate. To all in Insulae Draconis, We pledge Our support.