Coronet Tourney took place this past month and, as is tradition, the noble competitors were heralded into the tourney with creativity, skill and panache. Here are some of the boasts.

Alexandre Lerot d’Avignon and Eularia Trewe

A Pelican out of the East,
Whose Virtues could make up a feast,
Eularia her name,
And great is her fame,
She should be a Princess at least.

Alexandre shall fight for his bride,
His opponents all woe betide,
From the Outlands he comes,
To the beat of the drums,
And the Rest I shall simply elide.

This couple have reigned once before,
And would like to do it once more,
To win would be great,
If that is their fate,
Let us see what the day has in store!

Written by Alexandre and Eularia, heralded by Kenneth of Flintheath.

Rebecca and Nicholas

On this fine day do come two warriors brave To fight their best before a Princess Fair And Noble Prince, Who honour to them gave By calling them the list today to dare.

The Lord is Nicholas, In red and black, To hit things with a stick his heart’s desire, And of such sport today there is no lack As he brings glory to his namesake shire.

The Lady is Rebecca, Wordsmith true. Her pen is mighty, as the proverb tells. She fights today in quartered green and blue, to test her sword for th’land in which she dwells.

Both named for Flintheath, ‘Tis by chance they met And come to fight in this day’s Coronet.

Written by Rebecca of Flintheath, heralded by Kenneth of Flintheath.

Nero Lupo and Bella Donna

My Majesty, My Highness, My Lords, My Ladies,
Today you find yourselves equals.
For you are equally blessed. For I have the pride, the privilege,
Nay, the pleasure of introducing Lord Nero Lupo and Lady Bella Donna
Accompanied by the fruit of their loins, that have been freshly plucked
from a tree this very day.

My Lord Nero Lupo is known throughout the Kingdom
For his Honour, Bravery, and Service to the Realm.

Lady Bella Donna who is highly respected for her
Grace, Poise, Humility, and Skill from the tip of her blade
To the hem of her cape.
She is the Strength and heart of their home.

My Lord Nero Lupo is competing today on this field of combat
To prove his worthiness and skill
In front of a group of his peers representing The Shire of Flintheath.

Without further ado, It is my Honour to introduce My Lord, Nero Lupo.

Written by Lord Kenneth and Lady Stacy of Flintheath, heralded by Kenneth of Flintheath

Nicholas of Eastleach and Shannon of Oak of Honor Hill

Your Highnesses, Excellencies and Nobles all, I am Baron Nicholas, sometimes called the Slow, Cotswold Herald and Member of the Pelican Order. I stand here before you today for three reasons.

THe first is the smooth succession of this Principality, the peaceful succession which is the root of our prosperity. Insulae Draconis’s honour resides in each Prince and Princess, but outshines and outlasts them all. I fight today so that all here might be properly tested in their ambition to hold the thrones. I fight so that all here present may see that whomever wins is worthy to take the thrones, and that they themselves may know themselves worthy.

The second reason is a personal fight. It is against an enemy that cannot die, a foe that rises inexorably like the tide, but never ebbs. It is the darkness which takes the light, that reduces the world and destroys my vision. It cannot be defeated. But every opponent faced, every bout I fight, whether I win or lose, is a sign that I am not yet defeated, that I. Still. Stand.

But the third reason, it is greater than both of the others combined. She is the rock on which I stand. She is the strength behind my sword. She is my shield when the darkness comes. She is my guide when the darkness overruns me. She holds me up when I would fall. I fight today so that all may know her name. And her name is Shannon; Shannon of Oak of Honor Hill. May you all be as blessed as I am to know her.

Heralded by Nicholas himself. This is the first time it has been written.

Moritoko (a.k.a. Maredudd ap Gwylim) and Lady Juliana ferch Luned

‘Neath Ryu or Albion;
Sun Rising or in Splendour;
The task is the same.

Fighter in tourney
Fights not for his own repute,
A Consort inspires.

Juliana she:
Spinner of thread, food maker,
Quiet worker and help.

I Moritoko;
My worth in those I fight for
Lay down my challenge.

Dormouse makes a nest,
Bees work for the good of all:
Inspiration see!

This boast is in the form of five linked haiku. Ryu is the legendary Japanese dragon, and Albion that of Drachenwald; the rising sun represents Japan, and the sun in splendour, Insulae Draconis. Juliana’s heraldry is a dormouse and bees. Heralded by Edward Boreham.