Eularia et Alexandre, Princepissa et Princeps Insularum Draconis, omnibus ad quos presentes literes pervenerint salutemus!

It has been a busy few weeks in the Principality. At the Eisteddfod in Mynydd Gwyn, we were regaled with stories, music, and dance at a lovely event. Lady Cecily of Okynfirth demonstrated her prowess as a storyteller and was chaired as the new bard of Mynydd Gwyn - vivat!

A scant two weeks later, we arrived in Depedene-under-Wychwood for March Lune-acy. It was a pleasure to have Their Majesties Krake and Beatrix in attendance, and we wish to express our congratulations to Maria Harsick, who was admitted to the Order of the Pelican at that event - vivat Magistra!

We have extended our retinue as well. The Honourable Lady Elen Benet is our new Arts and Sciences Champion, and such is the breadth of her skills and talents that we are certain that she must be familiar with nearly every Art and Science in our Principality. We also named Mistress Ysabella-Maria our Court Astrologer and Master Yannick of Normandy as Royal Cartographer, for reasons which should be obvious.

We would also like to bring to your attention that the Untitled Summer Event is Untitled no longer! The Ormþing, the Dragon Moot, is scheduled for 11-20 August and should be packed with activity and good company. The name, which is in the native language of Klakavirki, was chosen by the people of the Principality in a poll which featured many worthy contenders in several of the languages which are spoken in the Isles.