In the Principality of Insulae Draconis, there was once a mysterious and legendary gathering known only as “Rhag-Lan.” However, few knew the true name of this gathering, for it was shrouded in secrecy and protected by ancient tradition. Even so, the people would visit the Rhag-Lan with many friends, year upon year, basking in the shade of the great towers; toes scrunching in the cool grass, by night gazing at the stars from high on the castle walls.

An evil wizard named “Kah-Doo”, who dwelt deep in the forests to the west, took the Rhag-lan away from the people. The people wept, they were bereft. What would they do?

Enter five travellers seeking succour at the inn of the Gruntled Cat.

Yannick and his trusty young apprentice Amphelise, are loudly lamenting the loss of their summer Rhag-lan retreat, taken from them by the evil “Kah-Doo”.

Sir Vitus, a gruff knight with a heart of gold, Alexander, his eager young squire, and the sharp witted warrior maiden Aryanhwy are nursing their drinks and swapping stories, when they overhear the conversation of the two strangers at the next table.

Sir Vitus introduced himself and his companions.

Aryanhwy mused “Kah-doo, you say? I’ve heard of him. He’s a powerful wizard who’s been causing trouble in these parts for many years. We’ll take care of him”.

The group gathered their weapons and headed into the forest. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months as they searched for Kah-doo’s lair, but the wizard remained elusive.

One day, they stumbled upon a clearing where a great dragon, Eryndor, lay wounded and helpless. The dragon had been injured by Kah-doo’s magic and had been unable to heal herself.

Aryanhwy, being a sharp-witted warrior, recognized that the dragon was the key to their success against Kah-doo. She convinced the group to help Eryndor, and together they tended to her wounds. As Eryndor regained her strength, she told the group of Kah-doo’s lair and the powerful ancient magic that protected it.

With Eryndor’s help, the group finally reached Kah-doo’s lair, deep in the valleys to the west, which was heavily guarded. They faced off against Kah-doo’s many minions who seemed to change from minute to minute, never resembling the same minion twice. The minions fought fiercely, but the group managed to push through.

Finally, they came face to face with Kah-doo. Only four inches tall, well, maybe eight?, could have been twelve. He was nonetheless a formidable opponent, with powerful magic at his disposal. The group fought bravely, but it seemed as though they were losing the battle.

Just as all seemed lost, Eryndor arrived, fully healed and ready to help. The dragon unleashed her full power, blasting Kah-doo with flames and destroying his magical defences.

Sadly, even with Kah-doo’s power broken, the group was unable to recover the Rhag-lan. It was gone, lost forever to this mortal realm.

There would be no “Rhag-Lan”.

Their hearts sank at this realisation, but then, they noticed a stone platform appear a short distance away. The platform was covered in archaic symbols.

Curious, the travellers warily approached the platform, they noticed something…, something breathtaking. The symbols!, they seemed to glow and pulse with an otherworldly energy. The dragon stirred and the group turned as the dragon spoke.

“Friends, I am Eryndor, Dragon of the Sun and Moon,” the dragon said. “Long have I watched over the people of Insulae Draconis, and I have seen the trials and tribulations you have faced. Now, I reveal to you the true name of the summer gathering ‘ORMÞING’, the Dragonmoot, neither a time nor a place, but a gathering of souls, where you can continue to learn from each other, share your knowledge, and find strength in your community.”

The companions were awed by Eryndor’s words, and they realised that they had indeed discovered something truly special. They knew that Ormþingið would become an event of great importance to the people of Insulae Draconis, where they could once again, be free to be who they were meant to be.