For some time, the finance policy of Insulae Draconis and its branches has needed an overhaul. With the sterling help of Viscountess Valda as outgoing Exchequer, and Mistress Mary, the current ID Exchequer, we went through the old policy, discarded the out of date elements, and inserted new, more up to date rules (in red).

This policy has been reviewed by Their Highnesses, Kingdom Exchequer and Kingdom Seneschal. They have also been circulated to the branch seneschals for comment, of whom I also thank for their perspectives and refinements, particularly Lord Aodhan of Dun in Mara.

The status of this policy is provisional. There is a mechanism for revision in order to ensure rapid changes to financial policy depending on any mundane or Kingdom policies. Thus, in order to bring the various benefits and revisions to financial conduct in the branches, these can be regarded as live. Commentary from the populace is now welcomed until 30th June, with a final form going to a Parliament in August.

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