Salvete popule!

This past Saturday, the Princess visited Glen Rathlin for Flaming Arrow and the festivities really hit the mark!

There was a lot of activity on the archery range and once the range closed, it pleased Her Highness to hold court and invite Alays de Lunel to join Our retinue as Archery Champion. Also in Court, Magdalena was awarded Arms, and Etienne the Younger became the newest member of the Order of the Fox. Vivant!

The food prepared by head cook Milada and her team was delicious, and there was good cheer in abundance - which is usual at Flaming Arrow. Many thanks to Viscountess Caitriona, archery marshal Alays de Lunel, and the entire event crew for a wonderful weekend. Her Highness is particularly grateful to all who helped make the event so accessible and assisted her as she navigated the site.

His Highness attended the Ely Eel Day with the Shire of Flintheath. It was a grand day out, and the demo of rapier and cut-and-thrust fighting was well received by the festival crowd. The Shire team put together an excellent display which was well crewed throughout the day. His Highness wishes to especially note the work of James, son of Nero, who not only helped with carrying things for setting up and breaking down, but spent much of his day in the stall, talking to the passers-by and showing them the items which were on display.

May is another month packed with opportunities for SCA activities. We wish Our best to any from the Isles who are travelling to Double Wars, and are sad that We cannot attend ourselves.

We shall be at Bourn Again at the end of the month, taking our camping kit out for an airing and inspection before the extended camping of Ormþing.

Yes, Ormþing is coming! We are told registration will open on 1 June, and we encourage you to join us for what promises to be an exciting week of arts peaceful and martial, and good fellowship.

Before that, however, His Highness will be at Strawberry Raids, for a weekend that is becoming an annual event dedicated to training and improving the fighters and fencers of our Principality.

We hope to see many of you in the coming weeks!

Eularia and Alexandre, Princess and Prince