This is a court report for Flaming Arrow. Flaming Arrow was organised by Glen Rathlin.

Insulae Draconis court was held by Princess Eularia

This court report is for court on 29 Apr 2023, it’s identified as Saturday Evening Court.

Court report filed by: Court Herald, Aodhan Dha Cheist

Her highness greeted the court.

Lord Kier of Eplaheimr swore fealty as the Insulae Draconis Lietenant General of Archers.

Her highness greeted and had words and gifts for those for whom it was their first Court.

Her Highness had words and gifts for the children of the court.

Her highness announced the new Archery Champion of Insulae Draconis to be Lady Alays de Lunel. Lady Alays swore fealty to their highnesses.

Lady Alays announced results for the day’s archery.

Magdalena of Dun in Mara was called forward and was awarded Arms.

The Order of the Fox was bid to stand, and Lord Etienne the Younger was then called forward to join them.

There being no further business, the court was concluded.