Eularia and Alexandre, Princess and Prince of Insulae Draconis, unto all those who may read these words, greetings!

As the weather warms and the days lengthen, We look forward to a summer full of activities and happenings.

The season started in fine style this past weekend on the green fields of Manor Farm in Flintheath at Bourn Again!, where we all gathered for a long weekend of camping, feasting, fighting, shooting, dancing, singing, and riding. That’s right, the Insulae Draconis cavalry was out in full force where we enjoyed the equestrian artistry of not one, two, three, but four horses! The defence of the Isles is in good hands. Many thanks to event steward Viscountess Euphrosyne and her team . . . Lord Nero, Lord Kenneth, Viscount Ranulf, Lord Meliton, Lady Bella, Lady Katherine, Lord John, Lady Joanne . . . and the many event porters who ran hither and yon to help those needing assistance, and keep things running smoothly. Finally, We were pleased to induct Lady Bella Donna and Lady Rebecca of Flintheath into the Order of the Fox, and young James of Flintheath into the Order of the Winged Pouch – vivant!

His Highness will be joining His Majesty and many good gentles from all over the Known World for Strawberry Raid in Dun in Mara this weekend – five days of medieval camping around the beautifully restored 15th-16th century tower house of Sigginstown Castle. Participants will enjoy a range of medieval activities from the arts, crafts, and camp cookery, to the martial pursuits of armoured combat, fencing and archery. This is the second edition of this event – looks like the beginning of a tradition!

Many from Insulae Draconis will be travelling to Polderslot mid-June to celebrate Drachenwald’s 30th Year Anniversary and the Coronation of TRH Sven and Siobhán. What a grand occasion that will be! We are pleased to be among those attending.

As has been announced, Eplaheimr has Heirs, who will be Invested in a ceremony at the end of June. We will be there to welcome Viscountess Rogned Stengrimova and Lady Adele de Chadwykke as the new Baronial couple. And heartily thank Baron and Baroness Etienne and Melisende for Their exceptional stewardship of the Barony. Eplaheimr Abú.

We hope you are all well, and hope to see many of you in the coming weeks!

Eularia and Alexandre, Princess and Prince