Last month, your chronicler visited Fruits Of Our Labours in Ealdormere, and was appointed ambassador to bring the greetings of the King and Queen of Drachenwald to the Ealdormere Court.

On discovering that the Queen of Ealdormere had an Irish name, I asked Aodh Ó Siadhail to write a poem to be read into court. Aodh delivered. I read the Irish, and Genevieve la flechiere read the translation. The Queen said that it made her ears happy.

A Trio of Triads for Her Majesty of Ealdormere

Trí rud a bhfuiltear ag tnúth leo:
Cocaire, consort, is banríon.

Three things that are delightful:
A cook, a consort, a queen.

Trí rud is pléisiúr:
Cuairt ó na Gaeil,
Cuairt ar na Gaeil,
Focail idir na Gaeil.

Three things that are a pleasure:
A visit from the Irish,
A visit to the Irish,
Words between the Irish.

Trí rud tuartha:
Focail na banríona,
An ghlóir maidir léi,
Agus a cuairt ar a tír dhúcais

Three things anticipated:
The words of the queen,
The glory of her regard,
Her visit to her homeland.