Let all be warned! For there comes tales of assassins lurking in the Shire of Dun In Mara.

These lands may seem calm and at peace with sweet Strawberries within easy reach of travellers on the road, but it is also one of many fine warriors, some noble of deed and some with hearts filled with malice and mischief.

Even as nobles from far and wide began to gather at the newly rebuilt stronghold of Sigginstown to celebrate the arts of combat, archery, science and craft, these sinister agents were making ready to strike.

The first blow was dealt to his Highness Alexandre D’avingion, despite his extensive knowledge of the arts of cooking he was unable to detect the poison that was laced in the meal of a nearby Inn on his journey. Fortunately a cure was found,and through the great abundance of safe food stored within the castle, the Prince was able to recover his strength enough to take to the field of combat.

The second attack displayed great craft and use of magic as the assassins commanded an evil spirit that took the guise of a great feral feline. It waited in the shadowy roads to the south where it attacked the Knight Vitus Polonius on the way back to his lodgings. With lightning speed the beast spang from the shadows, crying it’s unearthly cry and with great claws outstretched, causing the knights horse to fright and fall atop its rider. Through skill of arms Vitus was able to fend off the beast until the arrival of a local farmer and his hounds who sent the shadow off in to the mists.

Sir Vitus was badly wounded, but aided by his squires Alex, Alex and Ale- i mean Yannick! As well as fellow squire Agnès, he was able to recover his possessions and find rest and healing over the weeks to follow.

Now twice thwarted and with the gathering nearly at a close, the Assassins made to strike once again, this time at Baron Etienne Fevre of nearby Eplaheimr, loved by the people of many lands for his great skill at arms and of the arts. Another attempt was made with the same poison used on the prince, however the Baron is also known for his cunning and hearing of the other attacks made ready a decoy. He found a young lad in Dun in Mara who shared not only part of his name but also the skill at arms and in craft, and made it so that any who saw the lad would think he were the Baron himself.

This proved prudent as sure enough it was the decoy who fell victim to the assassins plot, but being in possession of the strong constitution of “yoof” was more than a match for the poison and was able to recover himself in due time.

Fear of the assassins threat continued up to the last days of the gathering until sight of the returning strength of King Krake who had suffered a hurt to his arm during a fight with Dennis Le Bow, put them to flight.

And so the lands around Sigginstown were once again safe, and tales of the splendid event were carried on the feet of all who attended.