Insulae Draconis court was held by Prince Alexandre d’Avignon and Princess Eularia at Bourn Again! Flintheath at Manor Farm.

This court report is for court on 28 May 2023, it’s identified as Sunday court.

Court report filed by: Court Herald, Rebecca of Flintheath.

They called forward and welcomed newcomers for whom this was their first visit to the court of Insulae Draconis and gave them gifts. They then called forward the children there present. Her Highness especially thanked them for their service about the event and gave them tokens and sweetmeats before dismissing them with the exception of James of Flintheath and Leif Ranulfsson.

To Lief Ranulfsson they gave the scroll for an award previously given by their Majesties. Having dismissed Leif, they then called the Order of the Winged Pouch to stand. No members of the Order were there present and their Highnesses called James to the Order.

Lady Trudie Griffin addressed the court, bringing greetings from the Barony of Lochac.

Viscountess Euphrosyne Eirenikina, the steward of the event, addressed the court to express her appreciation for the help and support of the event staff.

The marshals addressed the court with the results of divers tournaments held over the course of the event. Viscount Ranulf announced the victor of the Armoured Pit; Lady Bella Donna announced the victor of the Rapier Pit, Lady Katherine Glastonbury announced the victor of the friendly equestrian contest, and Lord Kenneth Elliot announced the victor of the Newcomers Rapier tournament. The victors were called before their highnesses and honoured before the court.

Their highnesses called the Order of the Fox to stand and called forward Lady Bella Donna, amid cheers, and Lady Rebecca of Flintheath, amid tears, to join them.

Her Highness had particular words and a gift for Duchess Fiona on her departure for a far-off land.

There being no further business, the court was concluded.