Unto all who come by these present letters, greetings from Eularia and Alexandre, Princess and Prince of Insulae Draconis,

Eplaheimr Tionòl Barùnach was an excellent event, graced not only by Their Majesties Sven and Siobhán but also by foreign dignitaries, Their Excellencies of Cynnabar, Óláfr and Malachy. Once again, we congratulate Their Excellencies Rogned and Edel as they assume the Baronial seats.

With fewer events in the Principality in July, we had time to catch our breath before a busy August. The month begins with Pennsic War. His Highness will be attending Wednesday to Wednesday. Many members of the Principality are also heading to war, and Insulae Draconis will be well represented. His Highness will not be camping with Drachenwald, although he certainly plans to spend time in the Drachenwald encampment!

Hot on the heels of Pennsic is Ormþing. Her Highness hopes to see many of you there, and His Highness will be joining her midweek upon his return from across the water. As is traditional, the Principality Protectors will be decided at the event, and there will be classes and other activities, including the popular Forester’s Competition. And we are pleased to let you know that there will be equestrian activities! If you have not already registered for Ormþing, please do so at: https://sites.google.com/insulaedraconis.org/id-summer-event-2023/reservations

Coming up! Féile na n-Úll (The Apple Festival) 25-27 August in Eplaheimr, Champions of Lough Devnaree 8-10 September in Glen Rathlin, Pen and Sword II 15-17 September in Dun in Mara, Michaelmas 6-8 October in Pont Alarch.

And last but not least - Ilchomórtas Coróineád Insulae Draconis, our Coronet tourney, in Eplaheimr 17-19 November. It is very exciting to see so much activity around the Principality - thanks to everyone making it all happen.

For more information, check out the Principality calendar at: https://insulaedraconis.org/events/

Eularia and Alexandre, Princess and Prince https://insulaedraconis.org/coronet/