Dear All,

Ormþing approaches!

We have a ten-day bonanza of displays, classes, tournaments and competitions. There is something for everyone, so whether you are coming for a day trip, a weekend or the entire ten day shebang, we hope you will find a warm welcome and stuff to do at whatever level.

If it is your first time at an SCA camp, I am hosting Seneschal’s Tea Party at 4pm on Sunday 13 th as a way to say hello and an opportunity to ask questions about what we do, why people wear certain headgear and dangly-bits, what happens in court, etc.

Insurance changes!

This is a big one folks and will affect all events going forward. The CIC will be announcing the details in this or the next Baelfyr. The summary of it is that we are extending insurance to our volunteers with responsibilities in-game. This includes officers, event staff, and marshals. What this will also mean is that events will need to file a risk assessment with the CIC, and that volunteer event staff will need to be paid members. Look out for further details.

Parliament Time!

As mentioned elsewhere in this edition, we hold a regular review of the rules with which we govern ourselves. This year sees a load of administrative tidy-ups in the ruleset and I invite you to send your comments to me via –


Deputy Seneschal – I am still looking for someone to join me to help run the place. Ideally, I would like to take on multiple deputy seneschals so there is no feeling of obligation (the Sith Lord effect) to taking over, but hopefully at least one will consider doing so. This consists of routine support and receipt of quarterly reporting from the branches, advise on how to use our processes and keep them up to date, and develop your own ideas into fruition.

Social Media Officer – this role has been vacant for some time, yet is a crucial element of the Principality in ensuring our communication channels are working well and reaching our members and new audiences. Since Lockdown, social media has become one of, if not the, main first-contact with our society. This role is already supported by an excellent moderation team for our Facebook group and a tech team behind the scenes. Principality comms are currently suffering as a result.