Hear ye, hear ye,

Their Royal Highnesses Insulae Draconis summon forth the populace to attend an online Parliament on Thursday 21 st September, 7pm to 9pm at the latest. Details at the end of this missive.

The Parliament is a formal gathering to discuss and pass changes to the laws of the Principality. These are the in-game rules by which we govern our activities and are at all times subordinate to the laws of real life jurisdictions within which we reside.

Current ID Laws are here:


The working document version of the ID laws for this Parliament, with current proposals from the Coronet and the Seneschallate is found here, changes in red.


The gist of current changes proposed by Coronet is cleaning up some out-of-date language.

Substantive changes include the removal of the clause mandating a Principality event at Raglan, the deletion of the Receiver of the Chamber officer position as it is effectively disused, and the Council of the Regalia, again as it is disused.

The wording for the Order of St Hild and The Sun and Pearl are under review pending conclusion of their passage through the College of Heralds. This is not a pause on the issue of said awards.

Please submit comments and suggested changes by 25 th August (to allow for compiling and submission to Baelfyr) to – seneschal@insulaedraconis.org

Changes will not be accepted on the night due to time.

Please prefix your edit suggestions with the numbering system in the document.

We are aware of the odd formatting issues within the document, they’ll be ironed out in the final published version after the Parliament, so we don’t need formatting edit proposals.

Zoom meeting details are:

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81855104673 (Passcode: 9Shiezen)

In Service,