May all who read these Presents know that throughout the Thursday of Ormþing to be held during August next at Bourn in the county of Flintheath, the Foresters Tournament will be held once again. This tournament is one of individual skill, adaptability and strategy across all the disciplines available on the site of the ffaire. Being of especial skill in one or two disciplines will not win this competition.

There will be several rounds to test the cross discipline skills of entrants. Entry into a round will earn 1 point. Victory in the round shall earn 3 points, coming second shall earn 2 points. The points from each round will be tallied and the person with the most points shall win. If there is a tie, the person who entered the most rounds will be the victor, for they will have demonstrated a greater breadth of skills. If there is still a tie, the person with the most points from the quiz shall be the victor, for being equally balanced in breadth of skill, and winning or coming second, there is but knowledge to separate them. If there is yet still a tie, all those who remain inseparable shall share the honour, for whilst one might best another in one skill, such honours will have been equally shared across the rounds.

The rounds below are laid out in no particular order. See the schedule for the actual order and timings on Wednesday.

Armoured Combat

All who are authorised may enter, bar the Order of Chivalry.

Rapier Combat

All who are authorised may enter, bar the Order of Defence.


All may enter, bar Master Archers. This will be a wand shoot.

Arts & Science

All may enter, bar the Order of the Laurel in that subject or subjects for which they were laureled. This will be a populace vote on entries made within the last 12 months. There is no limit on the complexity of your entry.


All may enter, bar the Order of the Pelican. Teams may number up to three, and all members of a team will receive the same points. Therefore, choose your team members well. No team may contain or consult a Pelican (human, fowl or stuffed). Reference materials of a technology not available in period are forbidden.

Those who are authorized as marshals or ground crew (equestrian) may gain a point for the armoured, rapier and equestrian rounds by aiding the undertaking of these challenges.

Due to the expected day of departure for the horses and the probable day(s) for this tournament, it is unlikely that there will be an equestrian round this year.

Baron Nicholas de Estleche, Lord Warden of the Broads