Greetings Insulae Draconis!

As expected August has proved full of action and crowded with incident.

If you corner His Highness when next you see him, he will happily regale you with tales from Pennsic, stories of the glory of the Rapier Woods Battle, the tragedy of The Missing Luggage (never fear, it was eventually found), and many more.

Ormþing followed hot on the heels of Pennsic. The week began with splendid equestrian activities, with five riders and four horses. Lady Elisabeth Hardyng was triumphant in the Protector competition, and her horse Rocky was victorious in the Equus Bellator tournament, while Phil of Flintheath was named Equestrian Champion. As is traditional, the other Protector competitions were also held over the course of the week. The new Insulae Draconis Protectors are: for Archery, Viscount Yannick of Normandy; for Armoured Combat, Count Avery Westfall; for Arts & Sciences, Viscountess Euphrosyne Eirenikina; and for Rapier, Lady Angelica Andegavensis.

Other tournament results:

  • for Archery . . . Ormþing Champion, Kit of Flintheath; Doole, Shire of Pont Alarch victorious
  • for Rapier . . . Early Bird Tourney, Baron Nicholas de Estleche; C&T Holmgang, Dame Leonet de Covenham; Tournament With No Name, Lady Angelica Andegavensis; Novices’ Tourney, Phil of Flintheath; Aerys Pointless Tourney, Lady Angelica Andegavensis
  • for Rattan . . . First Normandy tournament, Maistre Alexander of Derlington; Canterbury tournament, Maistre Alexander of Derlington; Second Normandy tournament, Lord Auron White Wolf
  • the Shire of Pont Alarch was victorious in the Oxford Roll
  • and the Forester’s tournament was won by Duchess Isabel Peregrinus. Winners in the individual competitions were: Armoured Combat, Viscount Ranulf Li Norreis; Archery, Leif Ranulfsson; Rapier, Duchess Isabel Peregrinus; Arts & Sciences, Viscountess Euphrosyne Eirenikina & Lady Leofrun of Flintheath; Quiz, Team Leonet, Angelica & Isabel

Congratulations to all the competitors for a lively week of tournaments. And special thanks to the marshals for running a very successful range of events . . . Maistre Alexander, Captain Wolfram, Viscountess Euphrosyne, Lady Shannon, Lady Katherine, Countess Jahanara, Baron Nicholas.

In Court news, We were pleased to Award Arms to Hildr Mikjállsdóttir, Auron White Wolf, and Oscric the Just. In addition, we invited Baron Nicholas de Estleche dictus le Tardif to join the Order of Silver Martlet, and Viscountess Euphrosyne Eirenikina and Lady Shannon of Oak of Honour Hill to join the Order of Ffraid. The Order of the Robin is made richer for the addition of Lord Alexander of Long Riston. And cheers for Apollo Drakos, newest member of the Order of the Winged Pouch. Vivant!

Finally, Their Highnesses were excited to deliver a writ on behalf of Their Majesties Sven and Siobhán inviting Duchess Isabel to consider elevation to the Order of Defense. Vivat Isabel and vivant Their Majesties!

Viscount Yannick of Normandy and the Honourable Lady Haesel de Berneslai deserve special recognition for the success of the inaugural Ormþing - many, many thanks.

At the end of the month Eplaheimr hosted Féile na n-Úll (The Apple Festival) - a fitting farewell to summer. Eplaheimr Abu!

In September, there are several events on the schedule: Champions of Lough Devnaree 8-10 September in Glen Rathlin, and Pen and Sword II 15-17 September in Dun in Mara. In October, Their Majesties will once again grace Our islands at Michaelmas on the 6-8 in Pont Alarch.

Ilchomórtas Coróineád Insulae Draconis, our Coronet tourney is fast approaching. It will be in Eplaheimr 17-19 November. If you are interested in competing, get your Letter of Intent (due by 15 October) submitted in good time.

For more information, check out the Principality calendar.

Eularia and Alexandre, Princess and Prince