Greetings from the rolling hills of Cambridge (well the locals claim one or two as hills, though I have my doubts).

August sure has been busy across the Isles! Multiple gatherings here and overseas dominated the last month, earning glory across the activities and disciplines of the Principality.

It’s certainly not been dull for the Seneschallate, as we are grappling with the after-effects of the insurance changeover. I am really sorry for the problems this is causing while we navigate the turmoil of the Irish insurance market. Reading around the subject I remain hopeful that we can settle things down, and my office remains at hand in order to help things along.

Parliament is this month, on Thursday 21 st September online at 1930hrs BST.

Local meeting time is 1930hrs BST/2030hrs CEST


  1. Approval of proposed changes in the Laws
    • strike 12.3 (Raglan Faire) in its entirety.
    • strike the references to the Council of Regalia in 14.6 and 16.1, renumber 16 accordingly
    • strike the references to the Receiver of the Chamber in 15.6 and renumber 15.7
    • strike the reference to the MoAS as keeper of regalia in 14.4
  2. Approval of Finance Policy
  3. Formation of an ID Law Review Council

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 818 5510 4673
Passcode: 9Shiezen

Call for bids – Coronet August 2024 + Long Summer event

Ormthing has been and gone, and from accounts, was by and large well-received with lots of archery, equestrian, combat and other activities all round. There are still a few details to iron out post-Raglan era, but the next team will have to hand tips, tricks and Principality support to run next year’s event. I am keen to see longer-term planning and advertising of events as this means members can book leave with a greater chance of getting their desired dates, as well as booking into a better quality of venues without scrabbling for dates.

Due to the calendar of reigns, the Tourney after Eplaheimr’s Coronet in November coincides with our Long Event period. This did happen with Raglan events and allowed for a more regal approach to the normal compact weekend. Happy to discuss further with interested branches and potential event teams.