Greetings, noble cousins,

Once again I have the honour of writing to you as chair of the SCA ID CIC. I am delighted to say that we have now sorted out the insurance for Ireland as well as that for the UK. This does, however, require us to increase our paperwork burden in order to maintain full public liability and employers’ insurance in both countries.

In summary we now have a new process for all practices and events. All of our group seneschals have been informed of the details of these, and we’re compiling an FAQ based upon our discussions about how to implement certain things, but here is a summary of the new process:

  • The following information needs to be sent to no later than 3 days before a practice and 7 days before a longer event:
    • Name
    • Home group
    • Membership number
    • Address (only needed for non-members and members of groups other than SCA-ID)
    • Date of birth (only needed for non-members and members of groups other than SCA-ID)
    • Whether or not the person possesses a shotgun license (only needed for non-members and members of groups other than SCA-ID)
  • Non-members must pay a surcharge of £3/€4 per person per day to cover temporary insurance (so it doesn’t take attendance at many events to make it worth taking out SCA-ID membership).
  • Insurance requirements apply to minors taking part in martial activities (fencing and archery). There are no non-member surcharge discounts for minors.
  • Not providing this information will result in non-members not being covered by our insurance and could allow the insurers to refuse to pay out in case of any claim.

We are in the process of building online tools within the Drachenwald computing domain both to make the process of capturing this data easier and to ensure that we are complying with the appropriate national data protection requirements.

Thank you for bearing with us over the last couple of months. There’s still some work that we need to do on processes behind the scenes and on the risk assessment and other policies, so I’ll keep you updated on those as we get things in place.

In service to Insulae Draconis,

Baronesa Ysabella-Maria de San Lazaro, O.P. (Nik Whitehead)