Salvete Insulae Draconis!

This will be our last letter as Princess and Prince. By the time the next Baelfyr is sent out, our heirs will have been found and invested. The names of those competing are listed at the bottom of this missive and two of them will be the next rulers of the Dragon Isles. We wish good luck to all the competitors.

Michaelmas has come and gone, and we certainly enjoyed ourselves and expect that everyone else did as well. There were classes, tourneys, an excellent feast, and a great deal of pie. Our thanks go to all the event staff, and those not on staff who stepped at the last moment to replace some of the crew who had to cancel on short notice.

We would like to thank all those who have helped us over the reign by attending us, heralding for us, serving as champions, and serving on our retinue. A reign is very much a group effort. If you visit the Insulae Draconis Coronet & Court page you can see how many people have helped us over the course of the reign – and if we have missed someone, please accept our apologies.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to travel around the Principality, attending many wonderful events, and visiting with you all. Floreant Insulae Draconis!

Eularia and Alexandre, Princess and Prince

The list of contenders for the Coronet of Insulae Draconis:

Countess Jahanara Suren will be championed by Lord Roland of Follifoote
Viscountess Susannah of York will be championed by Lord Etienne the Younger
Viscount Joel ben Stuart will be championed by Viscountess Valda ingen Cháemgein
Viscountess Valda ingen Cháemgein will be championed by Viscount Joel ben Stuart
Mistress Elen Benet will be championed by Viscount Duncan Kerr
Master Aodh Ó Siadhail will be championed by Master Agnes Boncuer
Gwerful an Filí will be championed by His Lordship Mícheál Breathnach
Baron Rodrigo Bernardez will be championed by Lady Teresa of Dun in Mara
Lady Teresa of Dun in Mara will be championed by Baron Rodrigo Bernardez
Lady Gabrielle of Dun in Mara will be championed by Erin Volya