It has been reporting season again, that interminable hallmark of the SCA that builds character, strengthens the eye-rolling muscles and causes tuts throughout the land. This has allowed reporting to garner a legendary reputation for being a pain in the posterior out of proportion to the reality.

Reporting is an odd facet of the SCA, it is popularly regarded as getting in the way of our enjoying the game. However, it does actually have its uses. I receive (for the most part) a regular bulletin from the Shire and Barony seneschals, telling me what they have done in the last three months.

This also provides a health-check on the issues we in the medium to long term – regular themes are shortages of venues for activities, worn out officers etc. But it also builds up a picture of our successes.

This quarter has seen reports of well-attended events, happy artificers, increased numbers attending the fighter practice, an excellent turnout for Klakavirki’s convention demo and consequent boost to numbers. We even have a potential new group forming in Devon.

As a result of this reporting, I am able to collate a letter feeding back to the seneschals and keep conversations going on how we can make things smoother going forward. We are all volunteers, and making our lives easier in running this community is always a plus. For this I wish to thank each and every officer who is adding to this picture and refining how we do things for the better.


On the above theme, I am really appreciating the can-do approach that the likes of Flintheath, Dun in Mara and Eplaheimr have been taking in regard to implementing the practicalities the new regime is requiring of us. The system is not settled yet, but we are – I think – getting closer to achieving something workable, if not elegant. Please do help out your marshals and seneschals in letting them know in advance as much as possible of your plan to attend practices and events. I am asking the branches to document as much as possible the effort involved, so we have a strong evidence base to challenge some of the more esoteric insurance requirements at a later date.

Dates for the Calendar

We are thriving for events and event ideas – please do check with the ID and Kingdom Calendar and approach your Shire of Barony with your idea before booking any venues. We are wanting to avoid event clashes, and there are certain dates that cannot be booked due to Kingdom and Principality precedence – e.g. Crown Tournament and Coronation, Kingdom University, Coronet, etc. without formal permission.

Worldcon Glasgow - Thu, 8 Aug 2024 – Mon, 12 Aug 2024

Are you a science-fiction or fantasy fan? Planning on going to Worldcon? We have a small group building up an SCA presence there in August and if you can spare a few hours for SCA activity and are not part of our Facebook planning group, please email me – Demos and Recruiting The Principality is ready and available to help promote your group locally and across the Principality, but we need more opportunities! We are also looking for people who are willing to set up a Principality recruiting and retention team to develop ideas and opportunities, as well as support local groups in expanding. Please email me if you are interested.

Deputy Seneschals Wanted!

Are you:

  • Able to keep up with brilliant ideas from our members and be willing to support them?
  • Wanting to constantly improve our safety and inclusion?
  • In for a spot of promoting our community?
  • Seeing things that we are missing an opportunity for?
  • Willing to put in a spot of writing regularly?

Then drop me a line! I am stepping down as Seneschal in September 2024, and am looking for one or more deputies to help out at the core of the Principality. No quarter is the same, you will find yourself helping me out with updating advice to event stewards once month or working on fundraising in another. This is a good opportunity to see what goes on and decide if you would like to become my successor.

This position is fully supported by myself, the shire and Barony seneschals, the Royals and other experienced hands. It is a great role to develop your experiences in the community and is great for the CV too.