Greetings My Lords, My Ladies and Gentle Nobles

MOAS Heraldry… and a spot of confusion

One of the most exciting things members love doing? Gathering together for ‘in person events’. One of the most terrifying members do? Gather together ‘in person’. So many people,

In order to make these in-person events a little less daunting, my predecessor, Lady Oriana nic Kensick, posited one of her many numerous ‘grand ideas’. That a new person should be able to identify their (very approachable and friendly) A&S Officer. Oriana suggested that all Shire MOAS officers should be encouraged to wear a navy blue sash emblazoned with both the MOAS Badge and their Shire populace badge. This, it was hoped, would then become an icebreaker and that lashings of lovely conversations about the Arts and Sciences would take place.

Conversations that would last well into wee hours of the morning.
Hopefully, accompanied by singing.
And the telling of tall tales.
And mead.
And a bowl of something hearty.
Or even pie.

I am told there is always room for pie. But I digress.

Did you know that the ‘Ministry of Arts and Science’ fondly referred to as ‘MOAS’ has its own heraldic badge of office?

The MOAS Badge

A candle, under an arch, in a blue circle
Minister of Arts and Sciences badge

This is the MOAS badge for Arts and Sciences. The badge associated with MOAS was registered in March of 1986 (via Laurel). In formal heraldic terms it is described as Azure, a candle enflamed within an arch stooped argent.

Okay, translation: ‘Azure = blue, argent = white or silver, which sort of translates in my mind - white candle with flame within an arch on a blue background.

So far - so good - then things started to get complicated.

Insulae Draconis Populace Badge

What on earth is a ‘populace badge’? Transpires it is a is basically ‘a badge for the use by the people’. If you are a member of the Principality of Insulae Draconis (also referred to as ID) you are permitted to display one of the several ID Populace badges that can be found on the website. If you look around at any one event, you might see them on banners, flags, clothing, dishes, and even pieces of furniture.

I managed to locate (what I thought) was a black and white version of the Insulae Draconis populous badge on the website, and wondered where the coloured version was hiding.

For the Populace

Why was I confused? I was used to seeing the ID full heraldic shield in glorious technicolour, I will admit to being puzzled as to why the badge was not coloured bright yellow and black.

A long flag with the Drachenwald dragon, and three rising suns
Insulae Draconis War Banner

This is the ID War Banner - quite, quite splendid isn’t it?

The members of the Heralds Facebook group kindly cleared up my confusion:

“The non-coloured version is technically the coloured version. With it being fieldless, it can go on any colour item, but the sun must be white (or silver) and the letters must be black.”

Monochrome rising sun with the letters ID
Insulae Draconis badge

The badge associated with the name of Insulae Draconis was registered in June of 2013 (via Drachenwald).

In formal heraldic terms the populace badge is described as (Fieldless) On a demi-sun argent the capital letters “ID” sable. Ah, the mysteries of the heraldic colour system.

The MOAS Sash

The mock up went quite well.

Dark blue sash with ID and MOAS badges
Mock up

The actual sewing took a while longer… but I was quite pleased with the overall end result.

So If you see the ‘Sash’ out and about, do stop me and introduce yourself. I would love to hear all about your latest project.

Frue Áfríðr Eiríksdóttir
November 2023


All official blazons are stored in the database at

ID Populace Badges can be found at the bottom of the page at

Grateful thanks to: the Heralds Unofficial Facebook group for their patience with a complete heraldry novice and for providing a description of the MOAS Badge

Further reading: Assorted Lessons in SCA Heraldry