Coronet Tourney took place this past month and, as is tradition, the noble competitors were heralded into the tourney with creativity, skill and panache. Here are some of the boasts.

Valda ingen Cháemgein and Joel ben Stuart

Boast for Valda and Joel at Coronet.
Your Highnesses may I tell you something?
(Start shouting)
We are here for just one thing. Those Coronets. Those Thrones. They aare OUR PRIZE!
She is Viscountess Valda ingen Cháemgein. She fights. She makes… Stuff happen. She makes beautiful things. The only Beautiful things she is making today are corpses!
I am Viscount Joel ben Stuart. That tells you evrything you need to know about my skill with a blade. I fed the Hungry. The only Hunger I’m feeding today is our ambition.
To everyone else her who wants out booty. Know this. You want our priize? You’re gonna have to go through me. You’re going to have to go through her. You are gonna have to go through botbh of us.
And I hate to tell you this.
That is not going to happen.

Written and Delivered by “Stone Cold” Joel ben Stuart

Gwerful an Filí and Mícheál Breathnach

Twenty years! Can you believe it?
This land has endured and flourished.

You’ve suffered the great plague, cared for by Zoe & Avery. At present you luxuriate in the arms of the gentle and benevolent Eularia and Alexandre, second of their names.

Are you not content?

Sometimes the weather is pleasant, bright, and sweet.

Sometimes a novel wind blows, brisk and biting, and well, circumstances change.

An apple seed requires the bitter bite of chill nights to crystalise its destiny. Allow it to burst forth fresh to productive life. Tales from far lands tell of plants born only when their seeds are unleashed by the fierce fever of fires that then proceed to cleanse the ground of what preceded. Soon, it will be time, to put shoulders to wheels, dirty hands, and make bold moves.

We need our archers for defence.
Our fighters in steel and stick to present our authority.
Our artisans to display the magnificence of the kingdom
and all to demonstrate our resplendence and might to the terrifying world beyond.

This will not be effortless. Work will be difficult; Demanding toil through harsh winter and the deluge of summer, to achieve our revelation.

It is a sacrifice we are willing to make…

I, Mícheál Dubh, and the Dread poet Gwerful, will preside over this grand march to greatness.

Fighters! I have crossed weapons with all of you before.

I will not hold back.
We will have victory today, only if you give it to us.
Fight to the very limit of your skill and ability.
You stand between this principality and the incandescent rule that we will reign upon it.

Muhahahahaha muahahahah!

Gabrielle of Dun in Mara and Erin Volya

Now Come Erin and Gabrielle.

Erin - Glaive Wielder
Gabrielle - Swift Speaker
Erin - Justice Seeker
Gabrielle - Fairhanded

Both far travelled
Both rightful Throne claimants

(words by Master Aodh, Herald Orlaith)