Record of Parliament, held online, Thursday 21st September.

With apologies for the delay, seneschal pleads mea culpa and real life stresses. Any errata, entirely on me.


  1. Approval of proposed changes in the Laws
    • strike 12.3 (Raglan Faire) in its entirety.
    • strike the references to the Council of Regalia in 14.6 and 16.1, renumber 16 accordingly
    • strike the references to the Receiver of the Chamber in 15.6 and renumber 15.7
    • strike the reference to the MoAS as keeper of regalia in 14.4
  2. Approval of Finance Policy
  3. Formation of an ID Law Review
  4. Update on Insurance and impacts on the game


  1. These motions to strike obsolete rules were passed with no objection.
  2. Finance policy was approved. All seneschals, exchequers and event stewards are highly recommended to read the updated version.
  3. Their Highnesses Alexandre and Eularia explained their proposal for a committee to review the Principality Laws over an extended period of time, to bring recommendations to the next Parliament. It was clarified that this would be a one-off committee, not a council as per earlier communications regarding this Parliament. Formation of this committee will be led by Their Highnesses, once they have stepped down after Coronet in Eplaheimr. Proposal passed.
  4. HL Ysabella-Maria then presented an update on the insurance policy situation, and fielded questions for about an hour, with detailed responses to questions, which was well-appreciated by the attendees.