Greetings to Our Illustrious People,

Last month We were honored to celebrate the closing of the year with the ever-popular Yule Ball. Under the excellent leadership and hard work of Lady Bella and Lord Nero, the event team came together to provide an amazing weekend of fun, food, and friendship. Our Principality demonstrated its best to Their Highnesses, friends from across the Kingdom, and guests from such far-flung lands as Caid and An Tir. We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you and congratulations to all that made this event such a success! We encourage you to take a moment at each event to thank the event staff and let them know you are enjoying their event. We know everyone appreciates those who volunteer their time, it is always nice to personally deliver your thanks.

As We write these words in the first day of the new year, We look forward to the future with joy and promise. The next few weeks are not typically busy with events, but are a chance to plan for future opportunities for us to gather as a community; We encourage those who can to consider hosting something in the next year. These events need not be large affairs; something as modest as a dinner, an afternoon of archery, or a few hours of coming together to work on personal projects are just as important in learning from and encouraging each other. We would love to hear about these smaller gatherings and look forward to providing what support We can!

And on the topic of events: We were excited to see Yannick’s announcement for Ormþing LIX, where will be held the Couronne de Caldicot. Plan early to join us in this gorgeous event location!

Yours in Service,
Roland, Prince and Jahanara, Princess