Looking for a project to get your teeth into in the coming year? Not able to get to any events and want take part?

Frue Áfríðr Eiríksdóttir and I have some projects you can choose to get involved with.

Feast of flags – part II

Having run a recent display at the wonderful Michaelmas event in October we would like to continue encouraging displays of heraldry and the decoration of halls and camps during events. These displays add to the atmosphere and immersion which can only be a good thing!

To aid in the continuation of such displays Frue Áfríðr Eiríksdóttir would like to encourage the populace to continue, begin or finish their banners, standards or displays and bring them to future events. It is her desire to create a website that will share pictures, information, hints, tips, and tricks as well as an area to request custom creations for those who struggle to make their own.

For more information please do contact her at moas@insulaedraconis.org or keep a close eye on discord/facebook for further announcements.

Feast of flags – Part IIb

Not ready to tackle a larger piece? Why not contribute a flag to our bunting line? This will be used to string across halls, help to encompass camp boundaries and flutter in the breeze during our ever so clement weather conditions….

Create a fabric heraldic flag using the templates provided after this article (they are A4 incorporating 35mm for the fold over at the top) there are a few different end designs but feel free to try your own as long as they are the right size. We would love some ID and Drachenwald versions as well as shires, households, guild, and personal heraldry.

The bunting will be outside and rained on at some point so make sure you wash any fabrics you use and fix any paints/dyes to make sure they do not leach and ruin your design! Remember to not use someone’s personal heraldry without asking them.

Any questions, or to arrange sending your flags please contact me (Amy of Osgoldcross) on avw1388@gmail.com.

Shire History project

Carrying on the Heraldic theme….

Once upon a time a new member asked on the discord server about a shire’s heraldry and the story behind its name which no-one really knew the answer to. I thought it time we look a little look into the history of our local groups and collect the heraldry for those groups. This will be accessible for the public, meaning that scribes, crafters, those curious will be able to find (hopefully) quality descriptions of the groups heraldry and that groups preferred representation. The history part will look at honouring the history and remembering those who helped form and create our groups as well as showing the progression. Any groups without a digital representation of their heraldic devices will be provided with one.

If you know ANYTHING about the history of a group, please take the time to fill out the google form below. I do not want several repositories of information so if you would keep information on the form, I would appreciate it.

  • It does not matter in this case if the device is registered.
  • This is for group heraldry not personal heraldry currently.

This information will be collected, pages created and eventually be hosted on the ID web site.

Thank you in advance for any time you give.


Call for promotional materials.

Would you like to be part of the first impression people have of the SCA? There are three projects available to take part in:

  1. Help shape and refresh the information leaflets we currently have – this will involve some co-ordination with the seneschal and their team for wording.

  2. Designs bookmarks or simple colouring designs we can have at stands at events to give visitors things to do and take away with them. All designs considered for this, the only stipulation be that they are solid black and white, not greyscale as they are for colouring in. There will be a range of ages and abilities who will see your work so please make as simple and complex as you like.

  3. A ‘welcome’ design suitable for printing on a postcard or sending virtually that shire Chatelaines can send to new membersAlthough we would ask for the designs to be donated for use to the SCA, artists will always be credited for their work. Designs can be digital or physical media, but please provide a copy in black and white not greyscale even if your final design is in colour.

If you are interested in any of these projects please join the demo and recruitment team facebook group. If you do not use facebook please feel free to contact me on avw1388@gmail.com.

That’s is….for now.

Remember, there’s no rule saying you have to wait for someone to give you permission to create and start a collaborative project. I’d love to see more projects cropping up over the year.

Happy togetherness folks, here’s to a great year ahead!

Kindest regards

Lady Amy of Osgoldcross.