Save the Date!

Harken dear reader, for the grand spectacle of Ormþing returns - to the heart of Wales!

Amidst the ancient stones of Caldicot Castle, the tournament grounds will once again resonate with the spirit of Norman knights, their gleaming armour catching the sunlight as they prepare for epic duels. The castle’s majestic towers stand as silent witnesses to the unfolding spectacle.

Behold the esteemed “Couronne de Caldicot” tournament, as our beloved Prince and Princess welcome their Heirs.

As Ormþing graces Wales once more, the tournament grounds come alive with the thunderous hooves of charging steeds, the twang of bowstrings and the resounding clash of sword on shield. Knights from far and wide converge, clad in shining armour, ready to engage in epic duels that embody the spirit of chivalry.

Inspiring their fighters, Consorts present tokens of esteem. Adorned in regal attire, they take their place in a pavilion of elegance. Seated against the backdrop of the castle’s historical grandeur, they embody courtly grace, adding a regal touch to the proceedings, their eyes follow each nuanced movement, and their cheers and applause fill the air as the knights engage in feats of valour.

Caldicot Castle in Wales
Caldicot Castle

Join us August 15th - 19th 2024 as Ormþing weaves its draconic magic once again.

Couronne de Caldicot - Will you be a part of our long awaited return to the medieval splendour of Wales!

Bookings Open Fri 1st March 2024 @ 8pm UTC (+0)

Other activities include Arts and Sciences, Equestrian Games, Castle Battles.

P.S. There may or may not be a stoning…