Greetings to the noble populace of Insulae Draconis!

We hope that this missive finds every one of you discovering the smaller, quiet joys of the winter months, and some extra time to explore new crafts or perfect your expertise in the familiar. Insulae Draconis has two Guilds which you might find interesting or helpful if you are pursuing new arts and sciences during the winter months. Insulae Draconis boasts a Brewers Guild and a Fiber Arts Guild. The Brewers Guild Charter and the Fiber Guild Charter can be found on the Principality website. Please contact Baron Meliton, regarding the Brewers Guild and Lady Juliana regarding the Fibre Guild. If you need contact information for either noble, please contact Her Highness.

We have been overjoyed to receive the number of award recommendations many of you have submitted already, and encourage everyone to consider bringing to our attention the names and deeds of those who are deserving of recognition. These awards are unique to our Society, and are recognized throughout the Knowne World that the bearer has demonstrated the skills, accomplishments, or generosity that so enrich our lives. This Principality, in particular, honors our nobles for a wide diversity of achievements through particular awards and orders, to best express our gratitude to the talented and kind people who so inspire us. And finally, We wish to remind everyone that beyond the formal method of recognition through awards, simple words of thanks and praise to those who have encouraged, taught, or supported us are always welcome! Gentles who are new to the Principality may learn more about the Principality awards here.

We have been able to publish our Royal Progress and look forward with great anticipation to seeing as many of you as possible at these events as well as the smaller practices or gatherings that Dame Fortune will allow us to attend throughout the spring and summer. If your group is hosting a smaller event or put a new event on the calendar, please do send us a missive at our e-mail addresses. We also hope to travel throughout the Kingdom, and hope you good people of Insulae Draconis will consider doing the same; the other lands of Drachenwald will only benefit by a visit from the nobles of this Principality, and We have no doubt that you will be received with the warm welcome that we offer guests to our beautiful isles. But regardless of where or when we meet, We look forward to that day and until then We remain,

Yours in Service,

Roland, Prince and Jahanara, Princess