From Lord Kier of Eplaheimr Lieutenant General of Archers For Insulae Draconis Archery and Thrown Weapons Update

Noble Cousins

I wanted to address you all on the state of Target Archery and Thrown Weapons in our beloved Dragon Isles.

The last year has seen shoots of growth and revival at our beloved disciplines with practices, competitions and indeed many fun shoots taking place across the Isles. We have also been blessed with a few thrown weapons sessions taking place also.

Indeed I was lucky enough to run the Thrown Weapons at Strawberry Raid last June and it was good to see so many people still having knife sets and donating them for others to use.

We were also blessed to have new marshals authorise in archery and many new marshals in training. It is also great to see Shires appoint new Captains of Archers to increase the numbers reporting.

On the subject of reporting I have a couple of reminders for you all.

First remember Marshals are required, as part of their duties and conditions of keeping an active marshalling warrant, to report regularly. Failure to report for a period of 2 calender years means your warrant will lapse and require re-authorisation.

The second item I wish to remind any marshals in charge of running Archery and Thrown Weapons at Events , that they are required to provide the Event Steward with a Report on archery/thrown weapons activities at that event to be submitted as part of the overall Event Report to Insulae Draconis. This helps Principality officers keep better track of numbers shooting/throwing, what M.i.T.s are doing and overall level of engagement by attendees.

Reporting helps identify where there are shortages of marshals or equipment and allows us better arrange assistance in advance of upcoming events.

This is also important in coordinating having authorising marshals present at events to allow authorisations take place.

As I enter my last 8 months in office I look forward to seeing many of you on the line at upcoming events.

Some of the larger events to look forward to include: Flaming Arrow Bourn Again (again?) Strawberry Raid III Eplaheimr Baronial Games

and many more local events and practices.

Enjoy your archery and thrown weapons and remember be safe out there and I can always be contacted at

Yours in Service

Kier of Eplaheimr