Greetings unto the most noble populace of Insulae Draconis! We trust that this missive finds everyone content and well. As Our islands begin to emerge from the gentle slumber of winter, We also shake free of quietude and feel the soft breezes of a coming spring quickens the blood… we begin events season in earnest! Our dear friends of Eplaheimer offer Lough Devnaree University, followed soon after by the third Eisteddfod hosted by Mynydd Gwyn. Her Highness looks forward to Eisteddfod and the company of those who can attend. We look forward to meeting you all in the coming weeks and months as the weather warms and encourages us to come together for fun and learning.

We thank Lady Rebecca of Flintheath and Lord Mícheál of Dun in Mara for agreeing to serve as our Eastern Chancellor and Western Chancellor respectively, and We can rest easy in full confidence that they will receive full support from Our populace in arranging Our affairs. Service such as theirs is both a labor of love and an opportunity for further learning about our Society, and We will happily find opportunities for those who wish to offer their valuable time in service.

A final note on service: for those who may be new to our Principality or have forgotten: Insulae Draconis has a Navy! Yes, you too can swell the ranks of this powerful maritime force as an Admiral, a Captain, or in holding a Letter of Marque and Reprisal! The funds raised by these commissions will go to the Principality, and offer the holder a sense of pride as well as the opportunity to add an extra title to their repertoire.

We wish you warmth and comfort for the remainder of winter. We wish you swift travel and noble adventures for the start of spring. We both look forward to the joy of our Populace throughout the events of Our Reign. Long Live Insulae Draconis.

Yours in Service,
Prince Roland and Princess Jahanara