Greetings to the most noble populace of Insulae Draconis! As ever, We hope that this short message finds you all happy and well.

We wish to thank the good folk of Eplaheimer and Mynydd Gwyn for their hospitality and dedication in providing us all the opportunity to gather together last month, and we hope that those who were unable to attend will take a few minutes to read the Court Report in the following pages and join in celebrating the deserving awardees. We wish also to highlight a special thanks to the scribes of this realm who volunteer their considerable talents and valuable time to make each award even more special by the beautiful scrolls that enrich the recipients and demonstrate each time that Insulae Draconis is the center of the finest arts in the Known World.

For those who have not yet heard, it is with the greatest joy that we can announce that Their Royal Majesties requested that we deliver to Master Alexandre d’Avignon a writ to sit vigil to contemplate membership in the Order of the Chivalry. We can think of no one more deserving of this recognition, and trust that our principality shall soon be able to rely on the service of another member of the Chilvary among our populace.

Before us lie three more opportunities to meet each other again in the coming month, for which we thank the generous people of Dun in Mara, Flintheath, and Glen Rathlin for their hard work in organizing these up coming events. We hope to share some time with as many of you as possible at these events, and We remain, as ever, yours in joyful service.

Roland, Prince and Jahanara, Princess