This is a court report for Court of Love. Court of Love was organised by Eplaheimr.

Eplaheimr court was held by Rogned Steingrimova and Adele de Chaddwyke.

This court report is for court on 10 Feb 2024, it’s identified as Saturday Evening Court.

Court report filed by: Court Herald, Melisende Fitzwalter

Their Excellencies announced the winner of the Largesse Competition: Lady Marina de Grado.

Their Excellencies announced the winner of the Great Baronial Bakeoff: Milady Bernie who was at her first event.

Their Excellencies called forward all newcomers and those for whom it was their first Eplaheimr Court and gave them tokens.

In Their Excellencies Court, invitations were issued for all to come to the Lough Devnaree University on the 3rd March, and Cluain Oir (SCA Galway) activity days on the 17th February and the 23rd March which last will be a special day of classes with a focus on illumination.

Their Excellencies gave thanks to all those who helped organise the event and the activities held that weekend.

Their Excellencies presented Lord Robert and Lady Fianna with the scrolls for the Feile d’Coire that they had been awarded previously.

Their Excellencies invited all to attend the Sos Cómhra, or the Baronesses Cocktail hour, after Court, where the results of the Baronial Bakeoff would be appreciated by all.

This is a court report for Mynydd Gwyn Eisteddfod III. Mynydd Gwyn Eisteddfod III was organised by Mynydd Gwyn.

Insulae Draconis court was held by Princess Jahanara.

This court report is for court on 9 Mar 2024, it’s identified as Saturday Afternoon Court.

Court report filed by: Court Herald, Maredudd ap Gwylim,

Her highness Jahanara sat in state and the Court was called to order. Her Highness welcomed all to the event and thanked the event staff. Her Highness then asked anyone for whom this was their first ID Court to come forward and a visitor from Lochac did so, and was given a token in remembrance of the occasion.

In consultation with the Gorsedd of bards, Her Highness decided which bardic performance had best pleased Her, and Richard of Salesberie was called forward to take his place on the silver bardic chair. A scroll by Maredudd was also presented.

The works of Radulfus de Wiston, especially in heraldic design were praised and Arms were Awarded to him (scroll by Maredudd).

As is traditional, the recipient of the next award had to be fetched from the kitchen… Her Highness spoke of both formal classroom teaching, and of the free sharing of knowledge at all times, and Julian ferch Luned was made a member of the Order of St Hild (a miniature scroll by John Yarrowe was presented along with a bracelet from Her Highness).

The Lady Julian was asked to remain in Court. At this point, your herald suspected shenanigans. HE Euphrosyne had business before the Court and your herald (Maredudd) was called before Her Highness. The tale of Lord Robin Bowman was told and Maredudd was inducted into the Order of The Robin (scroll crafted and read in Japanese and then in English translation by HE Euphrosyne.)

Once your herald had collected himself, there being no further business, Court was closed.