This is a court report for St Bede’s Fair. St Bede’s Fair was organised by Flintheath.

Insulae Draconis court was held by Roland and Jahanara.

This court report is for court on 25 May 2024, it’s identified as Saturday Morning Court.

Court report filed by: Court Herald, Alexandre d’Avigné

Their Highnesses Roland and Jahanara were pleased to hold court on the opening morning of Bedesfayre, and having made their greetings they recognised several members of Insulae Draconis.

Phil of Flintheath, called Renart, was awarded arms. The Noble Renart was roundly acclaimed by those assembled.

Aðisla Arnulfsdóttir, Euphrosyne Eirenikina, and Amy of Osgoldcross were all admitted to the order of the Silver Martlet. Although Fru Aðisla was not in attendence, it was Their Highnesses’ will to have the award read into the record at this court, with the scroll to be presented later at Strawberry Raid. (Which happened.) The crowd thought all of these awards were also great.

Also in this court, Their Highnesses welcomed newcomers and children, and took oaths from those officers who had not yet sworn their oaths

This is a court report for St Bede’s Fair. St Bede’s Fair was organised by Flintheath.

Insulae Draconis court was held by Princess Jahanara Suren & Prince Roland of Follifoote.

This court report is for court on 26 May 2024, it’s identified as Sunday Evening Court.

Court report filed by: Court Herald, Shannon of Honor Hill

Their Celestial Highnesses opened their court by inviting some announcements from the event steward: Lady Rebecca of Flintheath who thanked all those involved in the running of St Bede’s Fair. Lady Rebecca then announced the results of the Prize Play which took place during St Bede’s. The sponsors Lady Alessandra Di’Rario and Lord John Yarrow called up their respective prize play participants: Lord Osric the Just and Captain Kenneth Elliot who both attained their Provost with aplomb.

Once the Huzzah’s had died down, the rest of the events marshals gave their reports on their respective activities. Lady Rebecca reported on all the fencing activities including the results of the Novice Fencing Tournament which was narrowly won by Taliesin Denet at his first event. His Excellency Ranulf Il Norreis called up some of the younger members of the Shire, namely Apollo, Lief Ranulfsson, and the absent Zeva and James of Flintheath, who proved to be excellent small Marshalls in arranging and running the Fighting Pits of Flintheath where His Excellency Ranulf prevailed with an outstanding number of points. The best non-belted fighter of the tournament was named as Nick Cometborn, he of the lightning fast great-sword seen a few years ago at the now legendary Coronet tournament in the fair city of Norwich.

The reports continued with the archery marshals giving a spirited description of the shoot that was held on the Saturday afternoon where participants were asked to shoot the French spy stealing the English horse, not the Horse. With special commiseration prizes given to those who lost arrows by the ‘Robin Hood method’, The Honourable Lord Guy de Dinan and The Honourable Lord Nero Lupo both receiving that commiserating honour. The bravest to shoot that day was Lord Radulfus de Wiston.

Although by this time they had already packed up and left, the Equestrians were confirmed to be magnificent and very entertaining for all who watched them decapitate, collect, skewer, stab, and generally reduce the number of cabbages in the ring to mere leaves. When they rode in earnest on the Saturday in ‘The Champion of St Bede’s’, Lady Lilith de Grey on Sir Michaelmas was victorious.

Unfortunately this herald forgot that the participants in the A&S at St Bede’s were wrangled and generally ‘marshalled’ in their efforts by the good Lady Joanne Yarrowe, and so did not insist that she also attend with the rest of the marshals in their announcements. I believe all those in attendance can agree that if the efforts of Lady Joanne in the arrangement of the A&S classes are anything to go by, she would have had marvellous announcements as well.

So we move onto the most exciting part of any court, who got what…

Their Celestial Highnesses asked for all members of the Order of the Fox to stand, whereupon the history and merits of the members of that order were read out for all to appreciate. Once we had fully comprehended the fullness of the award, Lord John Yarrowe was called before their Highnesses to take his place in the Order. In a slight deviation of customary proceedings, Lord John was asked to remain before their Highnesses, while all members of the Ffraid were asked to join the Fox in standing. The merits of the Ffraid were read out before Lady Joanne Yarrowe was asked to join her husband before their Highnesses to take her place in the Order of the Ffraid. The scroll was penned by Lord John Yarrowe himself, along with the carved acorn scroll holder. A beautiful piece of work. At that moment the Lady realised why she had been a ‘scroll widow’ for the last few weeks, and why Lord John had been so secretive throughout. Both new members were celebrated with resounding Vivant’s before being allowed to return to their seats.

Next the Order of the Silver Martlet were asked to stand, whereby their skills and talents in bringing beauty and wisdom to the Principality were extolled before Lady Àfriðr Eíriksdottir was called to come before their Highnesses and join the ranks of the Silver Martlet.

While this herald took a comfort break to imitate the warning system used around our shores in the event of heavy fog, the court had a moment to collect themselves, as this next one was big.

Their Highnesses called before them Their Excellencies Eularia Trewe and Alexandre d’Avigne as they had words of thanks for their Excellencies longstanding and faithful service to the Principality. As the writ was so in depth and had so much to recommend it I have reproduced it here below:

Unto Eularia and Alexandre late viscounts of Insulae Draconis do Jahanara and Roland princes of Insulae Draconis greet you: good health and peace be upon you.

Whereas we have been witness to your longstanding services to our principality, for you are known and beloved in the places wild and northern and also in the south with its soft comforts, the fenlands of the east, the castles of the west and among the people of Lough Devnaree,

and Whereas you have made your home to abide within the fenlands of Downham as part of our dear shire of Flintheath,

and Whereas blessed Edward the confessor of old granted a charter for a market nearto the Great Ouse within the hundred and half of Clackclose

Thus it is ordained, established and enacted by our hand and authority before these witnesses that by this charter we Roland and Jahanara confirm a mandate of our beloved servants Alexandre and Eularia to hold a New Market

Item: you are to hold the market weekly at your manor in Downham;

Item: the market is to include a shambles for meats and a cross for Cambridge butter and cheese;

Item: the mandate gives leave to host alien merchants from Nordmark, Aarnimetsa, Frankmark, the Hansas, Zeeland and Bruges;

Item: You are to appoint a market clerk who maintains the Insular weights and measures set by our chancellor, by which goods of all merchants local and alien are weighed and sold within the market

Item: Merchants with ships, both great and small, or boats, who wish to come by river Ouse, and also those who want to bring any victuals, stockfish and sturgeons excepted, may come by river to that town;

Item; merchants may stay in Newham, trade, make their commodity there, and depart thence without let or hindrance of the sheriff, or any other bailiffs or ministers of the coronet, provided they exercise their trade in lawful manner, and do, as well to the coronet as to others, the custom due and usual in those parts;

Further do we confirm license for an annual fair at your manor in Downham. The fair may include the ancient plays by the guilds, and also licensed performances such as they hold in London of Comedies, Tragedies, Enterludes, and Histories, both true and feigned, For the acting whereof you may erect certain publike places for the duration of the fair.

Fencing masters, dancing masters, actors, artificers, whoores and bawds, chavs, musicians, players and other low persons may stay for the duration of the fair, after which they may not be suffered to stay past night fall except that they pay a fee.

The fair is to be held upon the feast and morrow of St Thomas the Apostle being 4th day of July, long known as a festival beloved among the people of Flintheath, unless the fair be to the harm of neighbouring fairs, great tournaments or holy pilgrimages.

As surety for this mandate and license, We are pleased to receive from you sausages of the New Market totalling 1lb at our next court.

Done this feast day of the venerable Bede in the first year of our reign by our hand and seal.

Wording by Dame Genevieve la Flechiere
Research support from Master Nicholas d’Estleche and Dame Edith de Hedingham
Writ by HE Euphrosyne Eirenikina

Bar a few comments about the 1lb of Sausages of the New Market, here ended the court at St Bede’s Fair of Prince Roland and Princess Jahanara their most excellent Highnesses of Insulae Draconis.