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From their Highnesses

Unto the populace of Insulae Draconis do Euphrosyne & Ranulf send peace and warm greetings.

The time is rapidly approaching for us to retire from our role as the Celestial Highnesses of Insulae Draconis.

It has been an honour to serve both Principality and populace, and it is our deepest hope that in the past nine months we have been able to encourage and inspire you to achieve your goals and dreams in the SCA.

We know in our hearts that whichever couple (out of 14!) grasps victory on the field at Coronet Tournament, the Principality has a prosperous future. We know this because each of these couples will make fantastic royals, and because the future of the Principality is written by you, its populace.

We look forward to travelling into that future together, with you.

In faith and trust,
Ranulf & Euphrosyne
Prince & Princess of Insulae Draconis

From the Seneschal

Hi all!

I trust everyone is starting to enjoy the lengthening daylight as we emerge out of January’s fug.

I hear Collegium Armorum went well, this is showing off the potential for multi-site eventing as ID continues to innovate in new ways how we can reach out to our membership without pressuring us into travel and costs.

Also on that theme, I attended (and taught, twice) at the Second (Breakfast?) Drachenwald Kingdom University Online, and what a success that was! So much knowledge was released by a range of teachers on topics as varied as the Cantabriges Mexicanes, rethinking the Battle of Agincourt to the history of Baklava in the Ottoman period amongst others. That last one inspired me to raid the shop for a slab of syrupy, nutty pastry goodness. Well done to the event staff!

February Coronet is due soon, and we have an excellent field of combatants seeking to ascend to the Dragon Isles Throne. I look forward to the pageantry and spectacle, as well as the promise of good food.

Fundraising Deputy – found!

Many thanks to Kytte of the Lake for stepping up to volunteer in this critical role. The Principality Finances are in a fragile state, not least because of a massive loss-making event last year, but also because the opportunities for fundraising have also reduced due to a reduction in Principality events and the ongoing cost of living crisis. Kytte will be supporting the Council of the Purse – our finance committee – in addressing these issues and we are looking forward to working with her on this.

New Exchequer

It is with many heartfelt thanks that we bid goodbye to Viscountess Valda as Exchequer, off for a well-earned rest from the role and also from organising back to back major events recently. Happy fighting! Mistress Mary verch Thomas is stepping up to the role, and I am looking forward to her sage advice and experience in all matters financial.

New Finance Policy imminent

After many years, the finance policy is being updated to reflect current practices and clean up some of the customs and practices that have built up informally since the last version. We hope this will provide certainty and support to branch exchequers, make life easier for event stewards for payments and reservations, as well as define policies in regard to the various “funds” and “pots” established, which are in reality another budget line on the same bank account. The full document ought to be available in the Baelfyr in the next month or two.

November Coronet

Hot news – I have literally this moment received a bid for Coronet in November from Eplaheimr, many thanks, I look forward to working with you to facilitate this great event proposal.

Get Your Events Into the Kingdom Calendar!

I am all for long-term planning of events, we need to be thinking about 2024 dates now. The SCA tends to have a shorter planning cycle than other organisations, and especially if you are wanting a venue that also caters for weddings, we need to be booking sites now. Additionally, quite a few of our members, especially those in retail and catering, face stiff competition for prime holiday bookings at work – so please help your friends and colleagues on this and start thinking about 2024 (and maybe 2025?) now.

Baelfyr and the ID calendar derive their event announcements from that source. It also helps to avoid event clashes.

I am aiming to have quarterly online zoom sessions where members can ask me about SCA stuff and what the thinking is behind these various missives. The next one will be 7pm Tuesday 21 st February – zoom links on Facebook and Discord nearer the date – if you have neither, please email me –

Domesday Report

Many thanks again to our illustrious seneschals for tackling the reporting process. We have a total of 205 CIC members and 4 SCA Inc members across the Isles. I apologies but I have not processed the summary of the report yet, but will publish online this month, and in Baelfyr for March. There’s a lot of structural stuff that needs tackling, unfinished governance work mainly, as well as instituting various policies to help keep our volunteers supported in their work. We may be a game, but a lot of our activities involve legal responsibilities that we need to abide by and feel protected by as we practice, play and organise.

What else is coming up?

2023 is seeing a burgeoning event calendar, which I am looking forward to attending, so please to check the calendar, there ought to be something for everyone according to their means and available time.

There is an event support package being built, this consists of tools, advice, advisors, policies and checklists – all to help make it easier and less stress in running an event.

The SCA is a membership organisation that lives and dies by the number of people involved, with that in mind, I will be seeking ideas for bringing in – and most importantly, retaining – new members. The Principality and its officers are standing by, ready to support you with training, materials and other support needs.

There will be a Big Summer Event again this year, hopefully in less blisteringly-hot conditions, but you never know with the way the UK climate is changing these days – anyone willing to write up a Hot Weather Survival Guide?

Dates to be announced, as the team is still being assembled.

From the Webminister

Saluti Tutti!

This year has begun with me completing some organisational changes to the Insulae Draconis website to make it more accessible and easier to navigate, as well as putting the information you’ve asked for right up front.

These updates will be somewhat ongoing, but recent changes include:

Upcoming tasks include reviewing all of the language to make sure it’s inclusive and in line with our code of conduct, as well as developing a content collection aimed at Event Stewards. And some other stuff, as yet to be determined.

I would also like to note that my tenure as Webminister will draw to a close this Summer, and am therefore looking for a deputy to step into this role. If this seems interesting to you, please get in touch and I will happily discuss - at great length - what a wonderful and enriching experience it is!

As always, please drop me a note at if you have questions, find errors, discover broken links, or would like to contribute!

Al servizio rimango,

Webminister, Insulae Draconis

Coronet list

Coronet tournament will take place on 11th February in Thamesreach. This is the announcement of those who will fight in the tournament.

Insulae Draconis, it is no small thing to reign over a Principality of the Society, and those who would willingly bear this responsibility are worthy of Renown indeed.

Therefore, we bid you welcome the Fourteen Consorts and Combatants who seek the honour of serving as the Celestial Royals of the Principality!

So say We,
Prince Ranulf and Princess Euphrosyne

Court report

The Chronicler apologises for the late publication of this court report, which she received last year.

This is a court report for Eisteddfod in Mynydd Gwyn.

Insulae Draconis court was held by Prince Ranulf li Norreis and Princess Euphrosyne Eirenikina

Award of Arms: Leofrun of Flintheath
Furthermore: Maredudd ap Gwylim was appointed by Their Highnesses as Bard of Mynydd Gwyn.

Sestina di Jovi

By Etienne Fevre

In late October I was dispatched to the Court of Nordmark on a diplomatic mission from the Coronet of Insulae Draconis. Through dangerous lands and bitter snow-driven plains I journeyed to deliver the words of Insulae Draconis to their Highnesses Nordmark. Here are those words and the reply from Nordmark below.

“Unto the beautiful and deadly Jovi Torstensdottir, and the mighty and joyous Stigot Eke af Haapsalu, do Their Celestial Highnesses, Euphrosyne and Ranulf, send our greetings. How’s it going, bro and sis? We wish we could be there, but you know how it is trying to keep all these nobles adequately oppressed. We barely have a minute to relax!

Since we can’t be there in person, we thought you might enjoy some news from our side of the kingdom. First of all, it’s been as hot as the Sahara over here. Despite that, we’ve had some very exciting internal wars and skirmishes, which tells us that our populace still has too much leisure time and could be paying more of their feudal duties. Do you have any advice for improving the iron fist of our rule? We look forward to your top tips for tyrants! Second, we don’t know if you’ve heard, but it turns out there is an entire other Kingdom to the west of us. For some reason, the people who live there are pretty confused about geography, because they keep calling themselves the Kingdom of the East. They are definitely missing a quality Drachenwald education.

At any rate, it seems like they didn’t appreciate Dread King Avery’s annual tax-collecting visit this year, and as the western bulwark of Drachenwald, we have to stay here and shoo away their occasional raiding parties. Nothing we can’t handle, but it is very annoying. So, we thought it would be great fun to go over the ocean next year and give them a right proper Drachenwald Strength. We’re going to be bringing our best warriors to Pennsic 50 next year, and we hope to see you there. Everything is more fun when our siblings from Nordmark are around!

If nothing else, we can teach them that they need to fix their maps, because Drachenwald is the centre of the universe.

Anyways, great chat, we miss you!

Your bro and sis,
Ranulf and Euphrosyne
P.S. Send more Black Death.”

Having delivered these words, I awaited a reply, and swift as a thunderclap Princess Jovi stood and fixed me with a piercing gaze. In an instant she composed this reply, which I later discovered to be a sestina in the form of Arnout Daniel’s poems and in a 13th century style. Such is the mighty Jovi.

The Sestina di Jovi (as transcribed into the vernacular by Etienne Fevre).

Sweetly from herald’s tongue tips
wise words which reveal Your eloquent strength,
wisdom and mercy, so unlike a tyrant.
Your herald indeed, seen to his duties.
Your people sound sweet and hardly oppressed
and their actions proclaim You so mighty!

Your true message is mighty!
Ruling by wise words, as keen as sword tips.
Reigning through love, beats the fearful oppressed.
Virtue adds glory to Your growing strength
Build power, bank love, to accomplish your duties
Fairest in rule, so unlike a tyrant!

But desiring tips for tyrants:
Give swift action and strokes that are mighty.
Set strong guards to compel feudal duties
Raise all taxes but rename them as ‘tips’.
Meet any dissent with a swift show of strength
Being called tyrant, beats being oppressed!

Pennsic without geography?
calling West East, sounds the work of a Tyrant!
Understanding maps takes a mind of strength.
They lack Drachenwlad’s teaching so mighty.
Send sages and books all bursting with tips!

And forcibly hone their homework duties.

War for virtuous duties!
Pennsic, to free the geography oppressed!
With sharp point of swords, we’ll drive home those tips.
Maps and learning defeating the tyrant!
With friends from Isles let spankings be mighty!
Chevron and sun march together with strength!

Drachenwlad! Greatest in strength!
Serving Our Crown, noblest of duties.
Preserving those thrones, ever so mighty
A land fair, where none was ever oppressed!
There, no one dared, to call Avery: Tyrant!
Cherish Our Dragon from fangs to tail tips!

Goodbye mighty Bro un-oppressed
And Our Sis with such strength in Your duties
Do send back, Your tyrant training tips!

History with Flintheath

By Rebecca of Flintheath

Originally posted 5th January 2023

The season of Christmastide, running from Christmas to Epiphany, was codified by the Council of Tours in 567. Twelfth night is first recorded in England in the 900s, mentioned in a poetic account of the Christian calendar. There, it was described as the day of Christ’s baptism, coming five days after new year. However, we don’t have many records of how it was celebrated until the 1400s, when it appeared to involve feasting, sports and games, and social role reversal. The latter part of the celebration featured heavily in most medieval festivals, especially around Christmastide, but twelfth night was the culmination of the season.

Today, the term “Twelfth Night” is probably most associated with Shakespeare’s play, which, like the festival, includes cross-dressing, social role reversal, and mockery of the killjoy who wants to stop the party. The play centres on the misadventures of Viola - a young woman disguised as a young man - as she falls in love with her (male) employer and, in turn, the beautiful Countess Olivia falls in love with her. However, a subplot centres on the fun-loving Sir Toby Belch and his friends as they undermine and humiliate Olivia’s steward, Malvolio.

Malvolio enters the play to criticise Sir Toby for drunkenly singing in the middle of the night and is described as a “Puritan”. Puritans were becoming increasingly influential at the time and, like Malvolio, wanted to do away with festivals like twelfth night. Sir Toby and his companions take advantage of the fact that Malvolio wants to marry Olivia: itself a major potential subversion given their different social classes. They trick him into wearing yellow stockings with cross-garters: an inappropriate outfit for a man of his age and station, since such bright colours were usually reserved for young bachelors.

Clothes were a major social issue during the late medieval and Tudor periods; the rise of a wealthy merchant class had made issues of social status more complicated and there were laws in place to regulate the fabrics and colours people of different classes could wear. With this play about people wearing (for the time) inappropriate clothes and falling in love with inappropriate people in the eyes of his audience, Shakespeare was incorporating very real social concerns into a comedic piece of twelfth-night social role-reversal and upheaval, in the best traditions of the season.

Originally posted 12th January 2023

The parish of Doddington was the largest in Cambridgeshire for most of its history and during the middle ages was a major property of the Bishop of Ely. In fact, its size suggests that there may have originally been a Saxon monastery here, but there is no firm evidence of this. It was one of the foundational manors of the abbey of Ely, which later became the cathedral, and came with a weir that in the 900s yielded 1,000 eels per year. By the time of the Domesday Book the abbey’s property in Doddington had grown and the marshes and fisheries now produced 27,150 eels. Eels were not only used as food, but could also be used as currency; rents in Doddington were sometimes calculated in fish.

Doddington was a favourite residence of the Bishops of Ely and even as the profitability of the manor fell after the Black death the Bishop’s Palace remained in good repair and appears to have been an extensive walled complex, including a gatehouse and accommodation for knights and squires. It also had deer parks, rabbit-hunting rights, and profitable farmland. However, its use declined over the 1400s until it was leased out in 1493.

The tenants in Doddington owed various duties relevant to the fact that it was not only one of the bishop’s manors but also one he visited regularly: not only were there the usual tasks of farming the land and rents of money and farm produce but many of them had to pay towards the upkeep of Aldreth Causeway and Aldreth Bridge (now High Bridge, over the River Ouse), which the Bishop used to get from his manor house in Willingham to Haddenham and the road to Ely. Tenants also had to transport the Bishop and his belongings from Doddington to Somersham, Willingham, Ely, or Downham (now Little Downham).

Today, the village of Doddington has very few reminders of the past: the only pieces of medieval architecture that survive are the village cross and the church, both of which date from the medieval glory of the 1300s.

Originally posted 20th January 2023

The original Anglo-Saxon bishopric that included Norfolk was based in North Elmham and the bishop’s seat was still there in 1066. However, Bishop Arfast moved the see to Thetford in 1071 and it was moved again to Norwich in 1094 by Bishop Herbert de Losinga, who had bought the bishopric from King William II in 1091. This was known as simony and was forbidden by the church; legend has it that Herbert was ordered to build the cathedral by the Pope as penance. However, it was also in line with the conclusions of the Council of London in 1075, which said that bishops could not have their sees in small towns.

Unusually, Norwich Cathedral still has its Cathedra - the bishop’s throne that gives the building its name - behind the high altar. This is a custom that comes from ancient Christian basilicas and is only seen in cathedrals north of the Alps. In most modern cathedrals the Cathedra has been moved, but in Norwich it still has its original position. The stone footing of the modern wooden Cathedra is also said to be part of the original Saxon Cathedra, presumably moved from Thetford by Bishop Herbert. That’s not the only unusual surviving feature at Norwich Cathedral; despite multiple fires - some so severe they left pink staining on the stone - the cathedral has pretty much the same footprint as when it was built, including two unusual chapels at the east end which have a footprint based on two intersecting circles. The only other similar example is in Mehun-sur-Yevre in central France, suggesting that the architect either knew of the chapels in Mehun-sur-Yevre or they were both based on a common ancestor that has since been demolished.

Norwich Cathedral also has a spectacular series of roof bosses, especially in the cloisters, which survived the Reformation and Civil War, when a lot of other church sculpture was destroyed. Unusually, there are five series: one of the apocalypse, with images that appear to have been copied from a local manuscript; two that cover events around the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus; one of the Coronation of the Virgin; and finally one of the martyrdom of Thomas Becket. Along with singular scenes and images of foliage, there are nearly 400 roof bosses in the cloisters and they are still as brightly painted today as they would have been when they were carved between the late 1200s and the early 1400s.

Originally posted 26th January 2023

Dragon Hall in Norwich is a medieval trading hall built in the early to mid 1400s by cloth merchant Robert Toppes, who adjusted the footprint of a hall house to produce a commercial complex centred on a huge timbered hall that was probably used as a showroom. Robert Toppes referred to the complex in his will as “Splytts’s” and the modern name comes from the dragon carvings that once decorated the roof space in the hall; only two survive, but it’s likely there were more. They may have been a reference to the powerful Guild of St George, which was popular with merchants in the city; Robert Toppes would go on to become Alderman of the Guild.

Wool was the main source of Norwich’s wealth, which was considerable: the city was only second to London in population and wealth during the Tudor period and was a major driver of clothing fashion in England and Europe; due to its location, the merchants of Norwich could trade directly with Europe. The importance of the wool and cloth trades still have echoes today in an unexpected way: the mascot of Norwich City Football Club is a canary. A male canary in a weaving workshop responds to the sound of the loom by singing and they were popular among Flemish weavers in Norwich; they brought them with them when they moved to England to escape persecution in Europe. The Dragon Hall site in particular appears to have been associated with cloth production for centuries; archeological digs on the site found a glass tool for smoothing linen, dating from the 1100s, and a spindle whorl from the 1300s. Part of it had also spent time as a fish processing centre before the Hall was built, making another use of the proximity of the river.

Most of the large trading complexes in Norwich were owned by groups of merchants; Dragon Hall is believed to be unique in northern Europe as a trading hall owned by a single man. When Robert Toppes died, his will confirmed that he didn’t live at the site and directed that it should be sold. It may have been divided in two before the end of the 1400s and appears to have been owned as a townhouse by other wool and cloth merchants, but it does not appear to have ever reached the same prosperity again.

Þe Wryte an Reccorde

By Nycolaus de Astleche

Agreements between the Caryque and Huckvale Families - 1584

Mundane matters prevented me from getting articles out for the last couple of issues. However, in the mean time one exciting thing did happen. Whilst I didn’t reach the storied heights of my friend, fellow-Flintheathian and skilled writer Lady Rebecca, I can now describe the Writ and Record as a Master William Blackfox Award Nominee, which is still pretty cool.

To make up for the previous missing articles I’m going to cover two related documents this time, both related to the marriage settlement in my previous article. The delay has had one advantage however, in that it gave me time to secure permission from the Oxford Family History Centre to include photographic copies of the originals of the relevant Huckvale Papers in my Baelfyr articles. So this time you get to see the originals too (and get to pull me up on any mistakes).

Both agreements date from November 1584 and involve members of the Caryque (Carrick) family along with John Huckvale and his son Cuthbert. The first is a Final Concord from Richard Caryque which survives in two copies, in essence identical, although they differ in the words per line and a small number of abbreviations. The second is a Bond from Henry Caryque. I haven’t investigated the Caryque family, but it would seem likely as a first assumption that Richard and Henry were brothers. The Caryques would also have been cousins of a distant sort as John’s grandfather, Robert Huckvale, was married to Elinor sister of an earlier Richard Carricke.

The Final Concord, the older agreement by two days and entirely in Latin, whilst couched in terms of gifts, is the sale of a substantial agricultural holding to the Huckvales for the sum of 130 silver marks (£86⅔), a mark being worth two thirds of a pound or 13s 4d. A pound (or livre) was not a physical amount of money as we know it, but appeared only in accounting. According to the National Archives this equates to about £17,730 in 2017, and was equivalent to about 10 horses or 46 cows. This seems like a low price for 280 acres of land along with four properties. Indeed it sounds like a good sized farm with the accommodation for four labourers and their families, much the same size as the one on which I grew up. At today’s prices, that would buy somewhere between 1 and 1½ acres in the same county of Oxfordshire. Very cheap!

However, the National Archives also says that the price was equivalent to nearly 5 years of wages for a skilled tradesman. This would equate to a salary of about £3,730. Skilled trades have changed over the centuries, but a 2017 survey placed the median wage of electricians and plumbers at about £30,000, which conveniently is about ten times higher than in 1580. So what would have cost nearly five years of pay at the time, would now cost about half a year today at an equivalent price, although in modern terms £150,000 would buy about 10 acres. It would seem that even though wages were much lower, so was the relative value of land and property, at least if we assume that the sale was at a fair market price. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the Cotswolds and environs are one of the most expensive places to buy any kind of proper currently.

The second agreement is a bond, with a Latin header section followed by a larger section in English. and in modern terms is a sub-let. Henry Caryque held the messuages and land under copyhold for the term of his life, and for £100 turned over this right to the Huckvales, but still only for the term of his life. I don’t know how old Henry was at this time, but this was clearly something of a gamble. Henry could have keeled over rapidly instead of living a long life. It was common for such copyhold agreements to cover the natural lives of three named, related people, often covering two generations. It is quite possible that Henry was the disinterested last survivor of such a threesome, but the original agreement would need to be checked to be sure.

Unfortunately, the bond doesn’t specify exactly what was leased, presumably judging the reference to the original copyhold to be sufficient. IT does however sound on the same scale as the previous document, although without further research it is not possible to say whether larger or smaller. What is notable, however, is that the Huckvales were willing to pay more for this time limited grant than they did for the outright purchase of land above. It may be that being in possession and using the land (Henry was apparently resident in Middlesex) put them in a good position to secure the copyhold when Henry died.

Given that the agreements are dated within two days of each other, it seems unlikely that they were arrived at independently. Perhaps there was some advantage to biasing the payments towards one. The relative value of land and between different types of agreement is certainly something I need to investigate further, as two examples give rise to plentiful speculation, but no real conclusion.

My Latin is somewhat munitions grade, not unlike many of the writers of the time, so I may well have mangled my ending where I have expanded abbreviations. Please do let me know if you spot any errors. As usual the transcriptions are also available on WikiTree: (which contains a transcription of both copies of the concord) and

P20/1D/6 – The Final Concord

Hec est finalis concordia fa[c]t[a] in Cur[ia] D[omi]ne Regine Apud Westm[onasterium] in crastino s[an]c[t]i martini Anno regnor[um] Elizabeth[e] dei gra[cia] Angl[ie] ffranc[ie] & Hib[er]ine Regine fidei defens[oris] &c A conqu[esto] vicesimo sexto coram Edmundo Anderson Thoma Meade ffrancisco Wyndam & Will[iam]o Peryam justic[iariis] & Aliis d[omi]ne Regine fidelib[us] tunc ibi p[re]sentib[us] Int[er] Joh[ann]em Huckvale Gen[er]osum & Cuthbertum Huckvale Gen[er]osum quer[entes] et Ric[ardu]m Caryque Gen[er]osum deforc[ientem] de quatuor mesuagijs quatuor horreis quatuor gardinis quatuor pomarijs centum acris t[er]re sexaginta acris prati sexaginta acr[is] pastur[is] duab[us] acris bosci & sexaginta acris iampnor[um] et bruere cum p[er]tin[enciis] in Overnorton & Chipping Norton unde pl[ac]itu[m] conuenc[i]o[n]is sum[monitum] fuit int[er] eos in eadem cur[ia] Scil[ice]t q[uo]d p[re]d[i]c[t]us Ric[ardu]m recogn[ovit] p[re]d[i]c[t]a ten[ementa] cum p[er]tin[enciis] esse ius ip[s]ius Cut[h]b[er]ti ut ill[ud] que ijdem Cut[h]b[er]tus & Joh[ann]es h[abur]e[ru]nt dedono p[re]d[i]c[t]i Ric[ard]i et ill[ud] remisit & quiet[um]clam[avit] de se & hered[ibus] eius p[re]d[i]c[t]is Joh[ann]i & Cut[h]b[er]to & hered[ibus] ip[s]ius Cut[h]b[er]ti Imp[er]p[etuu]m et p[re]te[re]a idem Ric[ardu]m concessit p[ro] se & hered[ibus] suis q[uo]d ip[s]i Warant[izabunt] p[re]d[i]c[t]is Joh[ann]i & Cut[h]b[er]to & hered[ibus] ip[s]ius Cut[h]b[er]ti/ p[re]d[i]c[t]a ten[ementa] cum p[er]tin[enciis] cont[r]a p[re]d[i]c[tu]m Ric[ardu]m & hered[ibus] suos Imp[er]p[etuu]m et p[ro] hac recogn[icione] remissione quiet[a]clam[atione] Warant[ia] fine & concordia ijdem Joh[ann]es & Cut[h]b[er]tus deder[unt] p[re]d[i]c[t]o Ric[ard]o centum & triginta marcas argenti/

This is the final concord made i the Court of the Lady Queen at Westminster on the day after St. Martin’s in the Year of the Reign of Elizabeth by the grace of God Queen of England, France & Ireland defender of the faith etc., from the conquest, twenty six before Edmund Anderson, Thomas Meade, Francis Wyndam & William Peyam justices & Others faithful to the Lady Queen then there present, between John Huckvale Gentleman & Cuthbert Huckvale Gentleman complainants, and Richard Caryque Gentleman defendant, about four messuages, four barns, four gardens, four orchards, one hundred acres of land, sixty acres of meadow, sixty acres of pasture, two acres of woodland, and sixty acres of furze & heath with appurtenances in Overnorton and Chipping Norton whereof a plea of covenant was summoned between them in the same court Namely that the foresaid Richard acknowledged that the foresaid tenements with appurtenances to be the right of Cuthbert himself as that which the same Cuthbert & John had as a gift from the foresaid Richard and he has remised and quitclaimed them from himself and his heirs to the foresaid John & Cuthbert & the heirs of Cuthbert himself forever and moreover the same Richard has granted for himself & his heirs that they themselves will Warrant, to the foresaid John & Cuthbert & the heirs of Cuthbert himself, the foresaid tenements with appurtenances against the foresaid Richard and his heirs forever and for this acknowledgement, remise, quitclaim, Warrant, fine & concord the same John & Cuthbert have given to the foresaid Richard one hundred and thirty silver marks.

P20/1D/8 – The Bond

Nov[er]int univ[er]si p[er] p[re]sentes me henricu[m] Caryque de holborne in Com[itatu] mydd. gen[er]os[um] teneri & firmit[er] obligari Joh[ann]i Huckvale de Ov[er] norton in Com[itatu] Oxon. gen[er]os[um] & Cuthbert[i] Huckvale gen[er]os[um] fil[io] p[rae]d[icta] Joh[ann]is in Cent[um] libris legal[is] monet[ae] Angl[iae] Solvend[is] eisde[m] Joh[ann]i & Cuthbert[i] aut eor[um] cert[i] atturnat[o] vel exec[utoribus] suis: Ad qua[m] quide[m] Soluc[i]onem bene & fidelit[er] faciend[am] obligo me hered[es] exec[utores] et administrator[s] meos firmit[er] p[er] p[re]sentes Sigillo meo Sigillat[um] datum xiiijto die novembris Anno Regni d[omi]ne me[a] Elizab[ethae] dei gra[cia] Angl[iae] ffranc[iae] & hib[er]n[iae] Regine fidei defensor[is] &c/ vicesimo sexto./

Know all by these presentes that I Henry Caryque of Holborne in the county of Middlesex gentleman [is] to be held and firmly bound to John Huckvale of Over Norton in the county of Oxford gentleman & Cuthbert Huckvale gentleman, son of the aforesaid John, for One hundred pounds of lawful English money To be paid to the same John & Cuthbert or their certain attorney or executors: Towards which payment well and faithfully to be made, I bind myself, my heirs, executors and administrators firmly by these presents Sealed with my Seal given the 14th day of November the Year of the Reign of my Lady elizabeth by the frace of god the Queen of england France & Ireland defender of the faith etc. twenty six./

The condicon of this obligacon ys suche: that yf the above named John Huckvale & Cuthbert Huckvale & eyther of them their exec[utors] and assignes & ev[er]y of them shall or may peaceably & quyetly have hold occupye & enioy for t[er]me of the naturall lyffe of the seid henry Caryque: all those mesuags lands medowes lesues & pasturs w[i]th their app[ur]tenncs lying & beyng in Ov[er] norton aforeseid nowe in the occupacon of the seid John huckvale: w[hi]ch the seid Henry Caryque holdethe by Copye of Comte Roll of the Righte hon[or]able henry lord Compton for t[er]me of the lyff of the seid henry Caryque w[i]thout the lett sute trouble denyall evyction or contradyction of the seid Henry Caryque or of any other p[er]son or p[er]sons whatsoev[er] Claymyng in by from or under the seid henry Caryque att any tyme or tymes during the lyff of the seid Henry Caryque: And yf also the seid Henry Caryque att all & ev[er]y reasonable tyme & tymes whensoev[er] he shalbe therunto reasonably requyred by the seid John Huckvale & Cuthbert Huckvale or eyther of them or by their exec[utors] or assignes or any of them: shall surrendre & yeld upp or otherwyse convey extyngnysse all his right tytle int[er]est estate & demannd whatsoev[er] of & in the seid p[re]misses in suche man[er] and forme as the seid John Huckvale & Cuthbert or eyther of them their exec[utors] or assignes or any of them shall reasonably devyse or requyer w[i]thout any charge or burden to the seid henry Caryque by reason therof to be borne or susteyned otherwyse then his ordynary charg[e]s in travayling to p[er]forme the same: that then this obligacon to be voyd: otherwyse the same to stand in force & vertue Sealed & delyv[er]ed in the p[re]sence of p[er] me Henr Caryque Henry Browe Thomas Rogers Ric Price George Boughton

Permission to reproduce the images for inclusion within the Baelfyr granted by the Oxfordshire County Council – Oxfordshire History Centre, Oxfordshire. Copyright is retained by the OHC.

P20/1D/6; Huckvale Papers
P20/1D/8; Huckvale Papers

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These are the upcoming events in Insulae Draconis.

To submit an event for inclusion, use the form on the Drachenwald website, You don't need to provide all information right away; a minimal entry is enough at first.

The day after you submit an event, you'll receive an email with a link to edit your entry. Changes will be reflected on the Principality website within a few minutes, and in editions of the Baelfyr that are published before the event takes place. (If you're unable to find that link, contact for help.)

To keep entries consistent between the calendars, The Baelfyr no longer accepts event submissions by email.

Coronet Tournament

Hosted by Thamesreach

Begins: Friday, 10 February 2023
Ends: Sunday, 12 February 2023

Activities: Heavy Fighting, Fencing, A&S, Feast or Potluck, Royalty present

The Prince and Princess will be present.

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez,
As custom and law of the mighty Principality of Insulae Draconis require that the time for their highnesses Ranulf and Euphrosyne has to come to an end. Therefore, all gentles of said principality are requested and required to attend them at Eaton Vale near the great town of Norwich in the Shire of Flintheath to witness the great tournament to be held to determine their successor and, if they wish so, to take part in said tournament and contest the coronet of Insulae Draconis by their own deed on the field of battle.

Bookings will open imminently and details circulated on social media and next month’s Baelfyr.

Steward: Isabel Peregrinus
Head Cook: Vitus Polonius
Reservations: Maud de Elsynge
MiC: Avery Westfall
Fencing MiC: Lynette de Covenham

The site is a newly refurbished scout camp with 86 indoor bunk beds. Each bed comes with a power socket and a USB charging port. Bedding is not provided so bring your own. Should you travel from abroad with a limited luggage allowance please request bedding on reservation.

Site address: Eaton Vale Scout & Guide Activity Centre Church Ln, Norwich, Norfolk, UK NR4 6NN

Event steward: Isabel Peregrinus (

Reservations can be made via the Google form :

A separate booking form must be completed for each person attending, including children and infants.

Cost: Prices GBP Full Event Day Trip
Adult 60 25
Child 38 15
Child (under 6 years) no charge
Family Cap 150 60

Payment: Payment information will be provided after registration, Foreign guests can pay at the door
Payment details will be sent on receipt of booking form.
Prompt payment is appreciated to cover costs incurred before the event.

If you feel you may have difficulty paying immediately, please discuss this with the reservation steward, Lady Maude de Elsynge (

Site information: The site is a newly refurbished scout camp with 86 indoor bunk beds. Each bed comes with a power socket and a USB charging port. Bedding is not provided so bring your own. Should you travel from abroad with a limited luggage allowance please request bedding on reservation.


Champions of the Court of Love

Hosted by Eplaheimr

Takes place: Saturday, 18 February 2023

Activities: Heavy Fighting, Fencing, A&S, Feast or Potluck

After a long and lonely Winter, Spring is coming and life and love are returning to our fair lands. The Barony of Eplaheimr wish to invite one and all to join us for a day of good company, of noble deeds and sweet rememberings, of excellent food and many reminders of why we are part of this Society - love of what we do and those we share it with.

Site address: Carmelite Pastoral Centre, The Newtown, Moate, Co. Westmeath, N37 AW24, Ireland

Event steward: Fianna Rua Nic Mhathúna (

Reservation: To book please follow the link below:


General Admission (age 16+) €10
Unwaged/Student Admission €5
Youth Admission (age 8-15) €5
Child Admission (age 0-7) Free

Payment: Payments can be made on siteCash is preferred, however we will do our best to make arrangements for digital payments.

Site information: Ground floor and wheelchair-accessible site. On-site parking, close to M6 motorway and shops. Modern kitchen facilities.


Mynydd Gwyn Eisteddfod 2023

Hosted by Mynydd Gwyn

Takes place: Saturday, 11 March 2023

Activities: Feast or Potluck, Music making, poetry recital, classes on bardic matters. Other activities may be accommodated after consultation with the event steward, but are not the primary focus of the event.

Mynydd Gwyn will be hosting its second Eisteddfod this year… a celebration of the performing arts, especially music, song and poetry, with classes and performance.
Come and share your skills to compete in the contest for the prestigious Silver Chair (yes, we actually have one!), or just come for fellowship and to enjoy the entertainment and a buffet feast.
This year the Eisteddfod will be held in the beautiful town of Ledbury, easily accessible as it has a railway station.
This is a one-day event

Site address: Burgage Hall Church Lane Ledbury Herefordshire HR8 1DW

Event steward: Richard of Salesberie (

Reservation: Please register though Eventbrite. Details will be on Website and Facebook Event Page.

TBA, in region of £20

Site information:
For details of the site, please visit


March Lune-acy

Hosted by Depedene under Wychwood

Begins: Friday, 24 March 2023
Ends: Sunday, 26 March 2023

Activities: Heavy Fighting, Fencing, A&S, Feast or Potluck, Camping, Sewing, Royalty present, In hall sleeping allowed, no beds

Come and knock off the dust from the winter and tune up for the coming fighting season. This will be a small primarily fighting event, however the site has two good sized halls so we have room for other activities. Outside we have both hard standing and a large fields where we can run both Armoured combat and Rapier.

We have space for both camping and people can sleep in the hall (we will ask you to clear away during the day). Please note that there is a height restriction of 2.0m to get into the sight. (We are trying to get the key to open this so if you’re over this height contact us.)

Site address: Kirkland Memorial Hall The Avenue, Churchtown, Garstang, PR3 0HR

Event steward: Phoebe Priestess of Eir (

Reservation: Information on event website

Full event, staying on site (crash space inside, or camping): 35GBP
Full event, staying on site 30GBP with member discount
Full event, staying off site: 30GBP
Day tripping with food: 30GBP
Children under the age of 12: free.
Family cap: 87.50GBP (75GBP with member discount).
Concessions: email reservations steward for details,

Payment: Payment information will be provided after registration, Foreign guests can pay at the door
See website

Site information:
Plenty of hard standing parking and camping allowed, NOTE height restriction to get into site 2.05m


Flaming Arrow

Hosted by Glen Rathlin

Begins: Friday, 28 April 2023
Ends: Sunday, 30 April 2023

Activities: Archery, Feast or Potluck

Join us for a weekend of archery

Site address: Crawfordsburn Scout camp

Event steward: Caitriona of the Ravens (


Bourn Again! Flintheath at Manor Farm

Hosted by Flintheath

Begins: Friday, 26 May 2023
Ends: Monday, 29 May 2023

Activities: Heavy Fighting, Fencing, Archery, Dancing, A&S, Camping

Bourn Again Registration COMING SOON!

Flintheath invites you to join us for Bourn Again - 26-29 May 2023.

A return to Manor Farm for four days and nights of camping in May!

We look forward to seeing all our friends old and new in the green fields of Insulae Draconis.

Registration open soon. Watch this space!

Site address: Manor Farm, 14 Alms Hill, Bourn, Cambridge, CB23 2SH

Event steward: Eularia Trewe (

Site information: Manor Farm is a historic landmark in the village of Bourn, Cambridgeshire, with many parts of the farm dating back to before the 13th Century.

Strawberry Raid II

Hosted by Dun in Mara

Begins: Thursday, 1 June 2023
Ends: Monday, 5 June 2023

Activities: Heavy Fighting, Fencing, Archery, A&S, Camping

The SCA Shire of Dun In Mara welcomes you back to Strawberry Raid, five days of medieval camping around the beautifully restored 15th-16th century tower house of Sigginstown Castle, in the beautiful sunny South-East of Ireland.

We will have classes, practice and tourneys in our martial pursuits, as well as plenty of classes and fun projects in our arts & sciences.

This year, our visiting teacher at armoured combat will be Duke Timmur Jochan (KSCA, OD, OP) from the Kingdom of Artemisia.

Site address: Sigginstown Castle, Co Wexford

Event steward: Agnes Boncuer (

Register here:

Cost: (Including camping and the booking engine administration fees)

SCA member - Full event (Adult): €41.50
SCA member - Full event (Youth, age 6-18): €20.70
SCA member - Full event (Family: guardians and children): €103.50

Non-member - Full event (Adult): €46.50
Non-member - Full event (Youth, age 6-18): €25.90
Non-member - Full event (Family: guardians and children): €125.00

General - Day Trip (Adult): €15.50
General - Day Trip (Youth, age 6-18): €10.50

Children under 6 are free of charge in all categories, but please indicate their number in the booking form so that we can keep track of overall numbers..

Payment: Payments are made as part of the registration process
If you are unable to pay online or as part of the registration process, please contact the registrations steward to make other arrangements.

Site information: Sigginstown Castle is owned by SCA members who very generously open their home for us. The main attraction of the site is the restored tower house. It has electric lighting, but the furniture and the wall decorations are all done according to period examples.

The site has a large barn which will provide a communal gathering place, particularly in case of bad weather. The barn has tables and benches as well as a gravel floor. You are welcome to have your meals here, do crafts together, arrange classes, etc.

Camping will take place on a level grassy field. The cost of camping is included in the event fee. We do not separate medieval and modern tents into different camping grounds, so you can form an encampment with your friends regardless of your tent style.

No food is provided, so you will have to make arrangements to cater for yourself. We suggest banding together with friends.

Portaloos and waste disposal will be available.

If you do not wish to camp, you are welcome to arrange your own off-site accommodation.


Eplaheimr Baronial Investiture

Hosted by Eplaheimr

Begins: Friday, 30 June 2023
Ends: Sunday, 2 July 2023


Eplaheimr Tionòl Barùnach.
(Eplaheimr Baronial Investiture).
Céad mìle fáilte.(A hundred thousand welcomes).
The Barony of Eplaheimr welcomes you!! It will be the investitutre of our next Baronial Royalty. It will be our first in person Baronial Investiture since our last was during plague times.
We welcome you to attend and bear witness of the joyous occasion of the Investiture of our second Baronial Royalty.

Site address: The Burren Outdoor Education and training Centre, Turlough,Bell Harbour,Co.Clare,H91 K526,Ireland.

Event steward: Lady Kytte of the lake (

Reservation: To follow soon.Payment will be made before the event.

Cost: Adult Full event with bed and food: €85
Camping (dependant on numbers):€45
Day trip:€30
Children under 5:Free, if using own bed. If using site bed, it will be the cost of the bed to us.
Children 6 years to 12 years:Cost price of bed(€55) plus €10 for food.
Children 13+ years : Full price as per adults.

August 1482 at the court of Gian Giacomo Trivulzio

Hosted by Eplaheimr

Begins: Friday, 25 August 2023
Ends: Sunday, 27 August 2023

Activities: Fencing, Dancing, A&S, Feast or Potluck

This Day-In-Time event celebrates The Italian renaissance.
All food for the entire weekend will be period to this time and place – coming from the manual of Master Martino. Fencing classes based on manuals of the time will be taught, dancing from the period will be taught, etc.
Everyone is welcome, and you don’t need to dress 15th c Italian but it gives us a focus to explore, learn and enjoy 15th c Italian court culture.
More info will be along shortly

Event steward: Etienne Fevre (

Champions of Lough Devnaree

Hosted by Glen Rathlin

Begins: Friday, 8 September 2023
Ends: Sunday, 10 September 2023

Activities: Heavy Fighting, Fencing, Archery, A&S, Feast or Potluck

Come and join us in choosing Logh Devnaree’s next Champions

Event steward: Caitriona of the Ravens (

Yule Ball 2023

Hosted by Flintheath

Begins: Friday, 1 December 2023
Ends: Sunday, 3 December 2023

Activities: Heavy Fighting, Dancing, Feast or Potluck

Save-the-Date - 1-3 December, 2023

Flintheath invites you to join us at historic Buckden Towers for our annual Yule Ball.

Event steward: Eularia Trewe (


These are the branches that make up Insulae Draconis, and contact details for their officers.

To update the information here, use the form for the Drachenwald regnum:

Depedene under Wychwood


Richard Rampant He/Him


Lucrezia Serafini da Roma

Armoured Combat Marshal

Joel ben Stuart He/Him

Dun in Mara


Aodhan Dha Cheist (Aidan Barron) He/Him


Magatha (Mags Grupa) She/Her

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Anneleyn Cornelisse She/Her


Alays de Lunel She/Her

Armoured Combat Marshal

Agnes Boncuer They/Them


Aodh Ó Siadhail (Drew Shiel) He/Him



Eplaheimr-Jin Unegen (Yann Coussot) He/Him


Robert of Eplaheimr (Robert O' Rourke) He/Him

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Lady Kytte of the lake She/Her


Merlin Sparhawk (John George )


Susannah of York



Rebecca of Flintheath She/Her


Eularia Trewe (Lorree Truw)


Edwin of Flintheath (Bryan Cole) He/Him

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Milada von Schnecken She/Her

Web Minister

Adisla Arnulfsdottir (Cecilia Engdahl)

Glen Rathlin



Elen Benet (Helen Lever)


Esbiorn Jensson

Web Minister

Maria Harsick



Kier of Kingeslake



Pól óBriain (Paul O'Brien) He/Him

Armoured Combat Marshal

Pól ó Briain (Paul O'Brien ) He/Him

Mynydd Gwyn


Maredudd ap Gwylim (Ed Boreham) He/Him

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Richard of Salesberie (Rick Williams) He/Him



Alex of Long Riston (Alex Crompton)


Yannick of Normandy


Hildr of pont Alarch She/Her

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Colin of Okynfirth (Colin Barrow)



Isabel Peregrinus She/Her

Web Minister

Marcella di Cavallino She/Her

West Dragonshire


Duncan Forbes (Charles Puffer) He, Him, them


Vasilisa Koshkina She/Her


Thomas Flamanc (John Sawyer) He/Him


Báile Ceann an tSionnain

(Ballykinshannon - Village at the Head of the Shannon)
A tuatha in Eplaheimr, covering Limerick City.

Seneschal: Eplaheimr-Jin Unegen (
Sheriff: Lord Ünegen of Eplaheimr (

Capall Uisce

(Village of the Water Horse)
A tuatha in Eplaheimr, covering Dromineer - North Co. Tipperary.

Seneschal: Eplaheimr-Jin Unegen (
Sheriff: Lady Marina Claudia Alessandra de Grado

Cluain Óir

(Village of the Golden Meadow)
A tuatha in Eplaheimr, covering East Galway (Loughrea/Ballinasloe/Aughrim).

Seneschal: Eplaheimr-Jin Unegen (
Sheriff: Baron Etienne Fevre (

Gleann na Ceo

(Valley of the Mists)
A tuatha in Eplaheimr, covering Longford town and outlying areas.

Seneschal: Eplaheimr-Jin Unegen (
Sheriff: Lord Aodhán de Pairc

Hart's Holt

A hamlet in Thamesreach, covering Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Seneschal: Isabel Peregrinus (


Ochtapus airgead

(Village of the Silver Octopus)
A tuatha in Eplaheimr.

Seneschal: Eplaheimr-Jin Unegen (
Sheriff: Lady Edel de Chadewykke


A hamlet in Pontalarch, covering English Midlands.

Seneschal: Alex of Long Riston (
Sheriff: Amphelise de Wodeham (


Tír Cat fiáin

(Village of the Wildcat)
A tuatha in Eplaheimr, covering Shinrone, Birr.

Seneschal: Eplaheimr-Jin Unegen (
Sheriff: Viscountess Sagadis

Tír Chroí

(Village of the Heartland)
A tuatha in Eplaheimr, covering Athlone, Moate, Clara.

Seneschal: Eplaheimr-Jin Unegen (
Sheriff: Lord Robaird

Insulae Draconis Regnum

Prince Ranulf li Norreis and Princess Euphrosyne Eirenikina


Coronet Tournament 10 February 2023-12 February 2023
The Prince and Princess will be present.



Guy de Dinan (Adam Edwards) He/Him


Mary Verch Thomas (Mary Frost) She/Her


Bella Donna (Michelle King) She/Her

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Áfríðr Eiríksdóttir (Manda Barrow) She/Her


Shirin Perot-duxt (Sarah Brider) Any

Knight Marshal

Siridean MacLachlan

Archery Marshal

Kier of Eplaheimr (Kieran Veale) He/Him

Marshal of Fence

Esbiorn Jensson (David Cordes) He/his


Sela de la Rosa She/Her

Signet Clerk

Arianhwy Wen/Aria Gemina Mala/Ari Mala She/Her

Web Minister

Marcella di Cavallino She/Her

Principality Map