Greetings Insulae Draconis!

The two of us had a fairly quiet September, as we were unable to cross the sea to Glen Rathlin for CoLD (Champions of Lough Devnaree) or Dun in Mara for Pen and Sword. However we heard both events went swimmingly and were filled with good cheer. Huzzah!.

This week we will travel just a bit north from our manor in Flintheath for Michaelmas in Pont Alarch, an event we have always enjoyed. We look forward to greeting Their Majesties Sven and Siobhán. And to all the activities - and pie!

Sadly, Our Reign is drawing to a close. In November, we shall travel to Eplaheimr to seek our heirs. Ilchomórtas Coróineád Insulae Draconis, our Coronet tourney is 17-19 November. If you are interested in competing, be sure to submit your Letter of Intent by the 15 October deadline. For more information, check out the Principality calendar.

Finally, We offer many thanks to the team on the SCA UK CIC who have worked so hard to secure our new insurance coverage, which is vital to the operations of our events and practices. The new policy requires additional administrative overhead, and We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we transition to this new policy. Please review forthcoming guidance on the changes we will need to implement.

Eularia and Alexandre, Princess and Prince